How to Get Free Apple Gift Cards

How to Get Free Apple Gift Cards

Apple Gift Cards are a convenient method to access various digital content and goods from Apple. Whether you wish to download applications, buy music, or purchase the newest Apple devices, acquiring an Apple Gift Card online is fast and straightforward. 

This blog post will look into many methods to get Apple gift cards online without paying. 

Can complimentary Apple gift card codes be obtained on the internet? 

Sure, you may obtain complimentary Apple gift card codes on the internet. As listed below, a few methods exist to get Apple gift cards without cost. 

How To Obtain Complementary Apple Gift Vouchers Online 

If you want to obtain Apple gift cards for free on the internet, you can choose from the following alternatives: 


Swagbucks is a well-liked platform that gives prizes to users for doing different tasks like answering surveys, playing games, shopping online, watching movies, and exploring the web. 

By earning points on Swagbucks, you may exchange them for Apple gift cards. 

InboxDollars provides incentives for completing surveys, viewing movies, making online purchases, and reading promotional emails. Once you meet the necessary limit, you can exchange your profits for Apple gift cards. 


MyPoints enables you to accumulate points through buying at well-known stores, playing games, and participating in targeted surveys. Once you collect specific points, you can trade them for Apple gift cards. 


Rakuten is mainly a platform that gives you cash back, but sometimes, it also provides gift card bonuses, such as Apple gift cards, when you purchase at specific merchants. When you shop online with Rakuten, you can get money back and even Apple gift cards. 

Survey Junkie: 

Survey Junkie compensates individuals for completing surveys and giving feedback. Once you collect sufficient points, you can exchange them for Apple gift cards or other prizes. 

Branded Surveys is like Survey Junkie in that it provides points for participating in surveys and polls. You can collect exchangeable points for Apple gift cards by expressing your thoughts on different subjects. 


FeaturePoints prizes users for installing and testing new apps, making online purchases, and finishing surveys. As you collect points, you can trade them for Apple gift cards. 


Drop is a convenient application that lets you accumulate points when purchasing at your preferred stores, whether online or in person. After you have collected a sufficient amount of points, you can exchange them for Apple gift cards. 


PrizeRebel provides points for participating in surveys, watching brief films, finishing offers, and inviting friends. You can exchange your earned points for different rewards, such as Apple gift cards. 

Fetch Rewards: 

Fetch Rewards lets you accumulate points by photographing your shopping receipts. As your points add up, you may exchange them for Apple gift cards, providing a terrific opportunity to make the most of your regular purchases. 


TopCashback provides cash back on your purchases and sometimes gives its users Apple gift cards as special rewards. When you shop using TopCashback, you can get money back and even Apple gift cards. 


Toluna is a website for market research where you may participate in surveys about products and services. Through participation, you can accumulate exchangeable points for Apple gift cards. 

Factors to Think About When Trying to Obtain Free Apple Gift Cards Online 

Although looking for complimentary Apple Gift Card codes on the internet could be tempting, it’s crucial to understand that acquiring these codes for free is not a valid or lawful technique. Apple has established particular terms and limitations for purchasing and using their gift cards and vouchers. 

Here are some essential factors to think about: 


Getting free Apple Gift Card codes online is not allowed and goes against Apple’s terms and conditions. 

Using Gift Cards: 

Apple Gift Cards are accepted for buying content, apps, and services from Apple Media Services, as well as items from Apple Retail Stores, Apple online stores, and the Apple Store App. They cannot be utilized to buy additional gift cards or exchanged for cash. 


Gift Cards bought in the United States and content codes are only compatible with an Account in the United States and can only be utilized for transactions inside the United States. Moreover, many gift cards may be used solely for buying things rather than content. 

Auto Reload Feature: 

Apple provides a function that lets you regularly add money to your Associated Balance. This function can be tailored to suit your requirements. 

Can I buy an Apple gift card online?

Sure, you can purchase an Apple gift card online. Apple provides the option to buy gift cards directly from their website. 

Step 1: Go to the Official Apple Website 

Start by opening your favorite online browser and visiting the official Apple website. This is the place where you can buy Apple Gift Cards directly from Apple. 

Step 2: Go to the Apple Gift Cards Section 

Once on the Apple website, go to the area just for Apple Gift Cards. Search for a tab or link labeled “Gift Cards” or “Shop Gift Cards.” Press it to continue. 

Step 3: Select the Kind and Quantity of the Gift Card 

At this stage, you must choose the kind and quantity of the Apple Gift Card you wish to buy. Apple provides different choices, such as physical and digital gift cards. Opt for the digital choice if you would instead get the gift card through email. 

After that, choose the amount you want for your gift card. Apple offers several amounts, so you can select the sum that fits your needs. 

Step 4: Customize and Add to Cart 

You can customize the gift card once you’ve chosen the category and quantity. Some platforms let you include a personal message or select a design for the gift card. Take a moment to adjust it based on what you like. 

Once you’re happy with the customization, select the “Add to Cart” or “Buy” button to move to the payment procedure. 

Step 5: Payment and Shipping 

At this last stage, you will be required to give the essential details for the purchase. This usually involves your email address, payment information, and the recipient’s email address if you send the gift card to another person. 

Once you finish the checkout procedure, you will get an email confirming the gift card details. If you send the gift card to another person, they will get an email with more information on how to use it. 


Obtaining Apple gift cards online without cost is achievable through many platforms that provide incentives for finishing activities, participating in surveys, making online purchases, and more.

Using these services, you can earn points or cash back, which can be traded for Apple gift cards. Always read the terms and conditions of every platform and steer clear of websites that want excessive personal details or upfront payments.


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