What Can Google Play Credits Be Used for

What Can Google Play Credits Be Used for



Google Opinion Rewards is a well-liked application that gives you Google Play Credits for completing brief surveys related to your location history, browsing history, or online activities primarily associated with Google’s services.

As you gather several Google Play Credits, you can also search for the most effective method to use them. 

1. YouTube Premium Subscription

Who doesn’t like an experience without advertisements, right? YouTube Premium provides you with all that and some additional advantages. You no longer have to watch commercials when you enjoy your favorite videos. 

For less amount, you can access background playback, YouTube Music, and some YouTube Original series. However, you can also avoid that cost by using your Google Play Credits. 

When selecting a payment option for YouTube Premium, you can use Google Play Credits if you have a sufficient balance. You can participate in surveys to earn good Play Credits for the following months, allowing you to enjoy YouTube Premium at no cost! 

2. Google One Membership: 

For those unfamiliar, Google One is a cloud storage service provided by Google. It’s like your Google Drive, except with a larger storage limit that you may select.

Although Drive only provides 15GB of free storage per person, Google One offers extra storage ranging from 100GB to 30TB per user, starting at Rs. 130 per month in India. 

Like YouTube Premium, you can use Google Play Credits to buy a Google One subscription. This way, you can choose between YouTube Premium or extra cloud storage based on your preferences.

If you receive more valuable surveys or qualify for a student discount on YouTube Premium, you can enjoy both services for free using your Google Play Credits. 

3. Purchase/Obtain Movies and Books 

The Google Play Store contains millions of apps and games, with additional categories that are less widely explored. We are discussing Google Play Movies and Google Play Books.

These are two options where you can exchange your Google Play Credits, which are also relatively affordable. If you have a small amount of Google Play Credits about expiring, this is the ideal spot to spend them. 

Although purchasing movies can be costly, a great feature of Play Movies is the option to rent a movie for a day or a specific period, which is quite affordable. If you’re not interested in film, you can also buy e-books. 

4. In-app or In-Game Transactions 

Many must learn that Google Play Credits may be used for in-app or in-game purchases, a great way to save money.

If you wish to access all features of an app or remove in-app advertisements, you can utilize your Google Play Credits for this purpose by choosing it as the payment option. 

Another valuable way to spend Google Play Credits is for gaming, particularly if you enjoy playing games like PUBG. You can use these credits to acquire UC, which can be used in the game to buy skins and extra features. 

5. Utilize Google Pay Credits to purchase Paid/Premium Apps 

Another typical way is buying paid/premium apps from the Play Store. For further advantages, you can purchase paid software or acquire a key to access premium or pro features within a free app.

We have selected some of our preferred apps from the Play Store that you can achieve using your Google Play Credits. 


Tasker is one of the most potent applications on the Play Store and has been on our preferred list since it was first released. Tasker enables you to perform tasks on your phone according to specific situations you can automatically define. 

For instance, you can configure your phone to go to silent mode when you arrive at work, or you can utilize Tasker along with other apps and services, such as NFC tags or IFTTT applets, to carry out tasks.

Once you understand how it works, you’ll discover the real potential of your smartphone! This is a great way to use your Google Play Credits. 


If you take many photos and edit them on your smartphone, TouchRetouch is the app for you. Unlike other photo editing applications, TouchRetouch primarily focuses on one function — Healing. 

You may have encountered this function in more well-known and free apps like Snapseed or Lightroom, but the one in TouchRetouch is significantly better and consistently performs well. Suppose you’re not familiar with the heal tool.

In that case, it assists in deleting undesired things from a photo without impacting the rest of the image or distorting the background in that specific area.

You can eliminate imperfections from distant objects, individuals from a setting, or items from a surface. It’s worth a shot if you have enough Google Play Credits. 

Nova Prime

Nova Launcher requires no introduction. It is one of the most well-liked custom launchers on the Play Store, and although it is free, Nova Prime provides access to a variety of new features that enhance its capabilities. 

You can set up personalized swipe movements, double-tap on the main screen to lock the device and more. Additionally, it is frequently available at a discounted price of only Rs. 10, so be sure to purchase it at that time. 

SD Maid Pro 

The name contains SD, indicating its connection to SD cards and storage, which is indeed the case.

SD Maid Pro assists in removing leftover data from apps that have been deleted from your phone, as well as extra cache files or unnecessary clutter that an app might have saved in your internal memory. 

It can also locate duplicate files and remove them to provide more space. The tool also examines your storage and organizes it visually with a graph, showing which folders use a significant amount of storage space. It is an excellent choice if you frequently need more storage space. 

GTA San Andreas: 

A game must be available for all of you who enjoy mobile gaming, correct? GTA is one of the most well-liked gaming series, and San Andreas is considered the top GTA game found on the Play Store. 

If you have experienced the PC edition of the game, you will see that the mobile version is the same, with identical locations and tasks. However, ensure your phone has a powerful CPU and GPU before downloading this game, as it is rather demanding. 


You can get the most out of your Google Play Credits in these ways. We like utilizing it for YouTube Premium because you can essentially enjoy the service without paying!

Please share with us how you typically spend your Google Play Credits and whether you plan to alter your usage based on this article!


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