Unknown Bad Hygiene Habits

Scrolling on social media on your phone while using the restroom is enticing, but you'll spread germs to other regions, including your face.

Using Your Phone In The Bathroom

Cleaning extra earwax may appear beneficial, but it often backfires. When earwax is forced down the ear canal, it causes more problems.

You're Using Q-Tips

Your scalp creates natural oils for healthy, lustrous hair, and shampooing removes debris and oil. Too much of this will dry and dull hair.

Daily Hair Washing

Not washing your hair is also terrible. The scalp will smell and bacteria will clog hair follicles, causing an infection. Try washing your hair every 2–3 days.

No Hairwashing

Without adequate care, eyelash extensions can be harmful. Eye glues can cause visual impairment or corneal irritation due to their variable toxicity.

Poor Eyelash Extension Care

We should wash our hands to stay healthy and prevent infection. Wash your hands often, especially after touching contaminated surfaces.

Not Cleaning Hands Often

Sharing razors can spread staph and even hepatitis and HIV.

Sharing Your Razor

Early morning teeth-brushing can be messy, especially when you're half sleeping. However, brush for two minutes twice daily. And this is minimum

Bad Teeth Brushing

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