These Are The Unhealthy Condiments

Wellness Nutrition Concepts registered dietitian Asvini Mashru says, "Most mayonnaise products contain processed refined soybean oil, so they're unhealthy."


Make careful to use olive oil instead of soya oil to make mayo healthier.

Olive Oil

This sugary condiment is a health hazard. Monica Auslander, a registered dietitian and Essence Nutrition creator, says one teaspoon is like a packet of sugar.


Try tomato relish instead. It's easy to make, has less sugar, and can be bought.

Tomato Relish

Mustard and honey sound good, but they're high in salt and sugar. Actually, honey is sugar disguised!

Honey Mustard

Use full-fat Greek yogurt instead; it works well. Creamy, high in healthful fats, and low in sugar.

Greek Yogurt

Chinese BBQ sauce is a sugar explosion with a nice balance of sweetness and salty.

Hoisin Sauce

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