Try These 7 Juicer Tips Today To Maximize Results

Opt for fresh, organic produce for more flavorful, nutrient-rich juices. Fresh ingredients ensure the best taste and health benefits.

Use Fresh Produce

Combine fruits and vegetables to balance nutrition and flavor. Fruits can sweeten vegetable-heavy juices.

Mix Fruits and Vegetables

Add spinach, kale, or Swiss chard to your juice. They’re nutrient-dense and mix well with sweet fruits for a tasty drink.

Include Leafy Greens

Cut fruits and vegetables to fit your juicer’s feed chute. Smaller pieces prevent jamming and maximize juice extraction.

Prep Your Produce

Remove bitter peels and pits from fruits like oranges and peaches. This prevents damage to your juicer and ensures a better taste.

Peel And Pit

Use cucumbers and celery for their high water content. They add volume and hydration to your juice.

Juice High-Water Content Veggies

Wash your juicer right after use to prevent staining and flavors from setting. Immediate cleaning makes maintenance easier.

Clean Your Juicer Immediately

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