The Sad Reality Of Obsessive Love Disorder

OLD sufferers deeply want to safeguard their loved ones. They may also want to control them to keep them “safe” or to quell their jealously and insecurity.

Extreme Emotions

Regardless of its formal designation, OLD is a dangerous disorder that can severely impair quality of life and function.

Serious Condition

Obsessive love disorder sometimes coexists with borderline personality disorder or attachment disorder.

OLD & Other Diseases

OLD can be scary to live with or watch in loved ones. If you think you're struggling, see a doctor. Treatment can alleviate symptoms and improve relationships.


OLD sufferers usually fall in love with one person. They may obsess over them. They may date or want to date that individual.

Feeling Overwhelmed

In love, people often require frequent validation and reinforcement. This relates to the obsession with staying in touch. This implies continual texts, calls, social media messages, etc.

Validation And Constant Contact

Someone with OLD may disrespect their partner's privacy. This can involve time, space, social life, or work.

Lack Of Boundaries 

Jealousy is another common sign. They may be jealous of their partner/desired partner visiting others or distrustful of their relationships.


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