Strange Words You Will Not Believe Are In The Dictionary

The state of being very excited or thrilled. That word is often used to describe something that is really exciting.


Fans of "Star Wars" will know that this word refers to a Jedi student who learns the ways of the Force from a master. So if you are young and learning, like a Padawan or an intern, you are.


This is a slang word for someone who is too obedient or attentive, usually in a love relationship.


It is possible to use the term "bussin'" to describe something that is extremely delicious or nice.


The word "nerf" was first used as a brand name for foam toys, but now it's also used as a term to make something weaker or less useful.


This funny word, made famous by "The Simpsons," means real or okay, even though it sounds like something made up.


This word refers to something that looks good or is worth sharing on Instagram. It's all about getting that 'gram.


Combined from "SMS" and "phishing," this word refers to a type of cyberattack in which scammers use text messages to trick people.


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