Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Computer Noise

Remove dust with compressed air to improve cooling efficiency and reduce fan noise.

Clean Your Computer

Use BIOS/UEFI or software tools to lower fan speeds without compromising on cooling.

Check And Adjust Fan Settings

Swap out loud fans with quieter ones that have better noise-to-airflow ratios.

Replace Noisy Fans

Opt for components without fans, like SSDs or passive coolers, to eliminate their noise.

Silent Components

Arrange fans and components for optimal air movement, reducing the need for high fan speeds.

Improve Airflow

Switch to cases designed for noise reduction, featuring sound dampening and optimized airflow.

Upgrade To A Quieter Case

Place rubber grommets or pads under components to prevent noise from vibrations.

Isolate Vibrations

Lower power settings can reduce fan activity, making the system quieter, especially on laptops.

Adjust Power Settings

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