Seven Things You Should Know About Cholesterol

LDL is “bad” cholesterol. Large amounts accumulate on artery inner walls. Plaque buildups in the arteries from high bad cholesterol can be hazardous.

What's Bad Cholesterol?

Red meat, like other high-fat diets, raises blood bad cholesterol.

Red Meat

Buttery toast is great, but it promotes harmful cholesterol. A tablespoon of butter has 31 mg of cholesterol. This is 10% of the daily recommended consumption.


Pastries may be your favorite breakfast treat, but they're high in cholesterol.


Drinking occasionally won't raise your cholesterol. One glass of red wine per day has been demonstrated to increase beneficial cholesterol.


Fast food hamburgers and fries are high in cholesterol. A double patties, bacon, cheese, and a calorie-laden sauce make the hamburger worse.

Fast Food

Cheese, which is high in cholesterol, should be limited. As with other foods, excessive consumption is unhealthy.


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