Seven Easy Steps To A Big Salary

Maybe you're getting the going rate."Compare market wages for comparable roles in comparable companies. How competitive is your wage and realistic are your expectations?

Check Before Asking

Make sure you plan before proceeding. This is consensus among experts. If your supervisor is receptive to addressing it, prepare your numbers.

Use The Numbers

How do you request a raise?Ask to talk when your boss isn't leaving for a meeting. Higher energy levels make mornings better.

Use Your Time Well

You put your manager on the spot by asking for time and then revealing that the meeting is about your compensation. Not good for cash talks.

Be Clear About Your Goals

Treat a pay raise request like a business proposition.Why do you deserve it, how will the firm benefit, and what will you do extra to justify it?

Be 'Business Mode'

Discuss how you improved the role.Following your job description or meeting your goals does not earn you a raise.

Praise Your Skills

Why you need money is irrelevant to your employer; simply that you deserve more.Avoid discussing what you ‘need’ financially or your financial obligations. Talk about your contribution.

Avoid Personalization

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