Continuous Binge Watching Can Affect Your Health

Do you frequently crave new content? To launch a new series? Once screened, you can't stop watching? Your brain may have developed an addiction.

Become Addicted

When we over-connect to TV instead of people, we "starve to death emotionally," says psychologist.  Humans are wired to connect.

Your Connections May Suffer

Most people don't watch Netflix while exercising. Instead, binge-watching is done on the couch with food and drink. But beware. Sedentary leisure may harm your heart.

Bad For The Heart

Sitting for long periods of time can increase one's risk for metabolic syndrome, which can lead to stroke and heart disease.

Metabolic Syndrome

Many people binge-watch alone, which raises heart disease and stroke risk along with social isolation.

It Can Cause Strokes

More prone to overeat while binge-watching. While doing so, you may miss bodily satiety cues due to distraction. Thus, you overeat without realizing it.

Weight Gain

Hours of screen time can cause eyestrain, which can cause headaches and exhaustion.

Your Eyes May Hurt

Some people binge-watch at night, especially those with a bedroom TV. But this stimulus is bad for your sleep amount and quality.


When we're feeling low, we're often tempted to things that can make us feel worse, such as unhealthy fast food or long periods of inactivity binge-watching TV

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