8 Gut Friendly Foods To Eat

Looking to add gut-friendly foods to your diet? Olive oil on bruschetta or salad may be good.

Olive Oil

Adding spice to your meals may improve your health. You may easily include gut-friendly chili peppers to your diet.

Chili Peppers

Whether you sprinkle them on cereal or consume them straight from the carton, blueberries can boost your diet.


Protein-rich and flexible, lentils are great. Add it to your diet for another purpose.


Pistachios affect gut microbiota similarly.Add nuts to your diet to increase protein and digestive health.


Maybe you should eat greens! According to animal studies, broccoli may lessen gastrointestinal inflammation. People who eat gut-friendly diet may have fewer intestinal troubles.


Chicory root may be one of the gut-friendliest foods due to its prebiotic properties.

Chicory Root

Fermented tempeh can replace meat. You might try it whether you're vegetarian or not.


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