8 Fall Vegetables To Plant Now For A Fall Harvest

Kale is very frost-tolerant and its flavor improves with cooler temperatures. Plant it now, and you can enjoy harvests until the snow falls.


Spinach can grow quickly in cool weather, and planting it in late summer or early fall can result in a tasty crop before winter.


Carrots planted in late summer or early fall can mature with a sweet taste, as cooler temperatures concentrate their sugars.


Beets can be planted now for a late fall harvest. They thrive in cooler weather, and both their roots and greens can be eaten.


Broccoli planted now can produce a fall crop. It does well in cool temperatures and can even improve in flavor after a light frost.


Lettuce grows quickly and can be harvested within weeks of planting. Plant now for a continuous harvest throughout the fall.


Swiss chard can be planted now for harvesting in the fall. It's very cold-hardy and can continue to produce leaves even after light frosts.

Swiss Chard

Radishes are one of the fastest-growing vegetables, maturing in as little as three weeks. Plant now for a quick, spicy addition to your fall salads.


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