7 Places You're Forgetting To Dust

These areas are often overlooked because they're not at eye level, but they can collect a significant amount of dust.

Window Frames

Dust can gather on top of light fixtures and along the edges and blades of ceiling fans, affecting their efficiency and the quality of light.

Light Fixtures

The tops and spines of books, as well as the shelves they sit on, can collect dust. It's easy to forget these spots during routine cleaning.

Books And Shelves

Televisions, computers, and other electronics attract dust due to static electricity. Dusting them regularly can help maintain their functionality and longevity.


The areas beneath sofas, beds, and other pieces of furniture are dust magnets. Moving furniture to clean these areas occasionally is important.

Underneath Furniture

Small decorative items and the tops of picture frames can gather dust. Wiping them down regularly can keep your decor looking fresh.

Decorative Items

Window treatments such as blinds and curtains can accumulate a lot of dust and often require special attention to keep clean.

Blinds And Curtains

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