7 Houseplants You Will Always Kill

Thrives in high humidity and indirect light. Requires consistent moisture without waterlogging. Delicate and easily affected by dry conditions.

Maidenhair Fern

Needs bright, indirect light and a strict watering schedule. Sensitive to environmental changes, prone to leaf drop.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Demands bright, indirect light, high humidity, and acidic soil. Fragrant flowers but challenging to maintain indoors.


Requires high humidity, consistent soil moisture, and shade from direct sunlight. Known for vibrant leaf patterns that fade if not cared for.


Needs constant humidity and indirect light, with evenly moist soil. Difficult to keep the right moisture balance.

Boston Fern

Require specific humidity levels, precise watering schedules with drying periods, and special potting mix. Stunning but high-maintenance.


Colorful plants that demand a lot of light for vibrant leaves. Sensitive to environmental changes, leading to leaf drop.


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