2023 iPhixer Software Review: Repair iDevices With a High Success Rate

Update: May 31, 2023 By Rebecca

Are you in the habit of purchasing a new iPhone or iDevices when your old one stops working? Have you ever considered repairing them instead?

In today's world, people are increasingly focused on money-saving strategies. Many young individuals are seeking ways to save money for future trips, homes, or vehicles. However, significant savings cannot be achieved solely by cutting expenses on small, essential items.

One significant expense that drains finances is digital devices, such as phones. Saving money on these items can benefit both individuals and the environment. Instead of discarding your devices in the garbage, consider using a repair tool like iPhixer to save both your money and your devices.

What Is iPhixer

As you may know from the above introduction, WooTechy iPhixer is a repair tool for iPhone and other Apple devices. It can fix all types of iOS/iPad OS/tv OS issues, such as stuck in recovery mode, stuck on Apple logo, stuck in spinning circle and so on with a high success rate. Moreover, it can fix iOS 16/15 update issues.

software review wootechy iphixer

Apart from repairing Apple devices, it can also reset iOS devices without a password and enter/exit recovery mode in one-click. It is also a better alternative to iTunes for updating and restoring iOS.

What Can iPhixer Do

Fix iPhone/iPad/Apple TV Issues: stuck in recovery mode, stuck on Apple logo, stuck in spinning logo, white screen, black screen, iPhone boot loop, frozen screen, won't turn on, logging. etc.

Fix iOS Update Issues: Update failure, won't turn on after update, unable to istall update, unable to verify update, stuck on estimating time remaining, stuck on update requested.

Pros and Cons of iPhixer

1 Pros

1 Cons

How Does iPhixer Work

The thing you care about most must be how to use this tool. In this section, we will show you how to use the Standard Mode to solve your problem.

software review wootechy iphixer

The Standard Mode can fix problems mostly seen on iDevices, including white/black screen, iTunes errors, and bricked or frozen issues.

1 Connect your device to a computer

Launch the software and connect the device to your computer using a USB cable. Here you should notice that the software can recognize the mobile device only when it is unlocked. If the software can’t recognize your device, you can try to turn your device into recovery or DFU mode.You can read the guide on the website.

software review wootechy iphixer

2 Download the Firmware

Once you connected your device to your computer, you will need to download the firmware by just clicking on the Download button.

software review wootechy iphixer

3 Solve the issue

After all the above steps, you can click on the Start button to begin repairing your device. To make sure that the repair process is successful, you must not have other operations on your device and just wait till it’s done.

software review wootechy iphixer

What People Concern

1 What is the after-sale service policy?

To help users solve their problems quickly, iPhixer offers a 24/7 support service. The support team is also professional and is familiar with the features of the latest version, so you can trust its ability to solve problems.

2 How will I know that my order has been successfully processed?

Once you finished your payment, iPhixer system will automatically send you an e-mail within an hour, which contains the information of your registration. But please note that a delay may occur due to e-mail spam settings, internet or system glitches, or other issues. Please turn to the support team for help if you didn’t get an e-mail

iPhixer Pricing

1-Month Plan 1-Year Plan Lifetime-plan
$29.95 $39.95 $59.95

Life experience has taught us that repairing a digital device is much more cost-effective than purchasing a brand new one. Having reliable software like iPhixer for repairs is essential for individuals who heavily rely on such digital products in both work and personal life. Download iPhixer now to save more for future use!

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