2023 WooTechy iMaster Review: Easily Downgrade or Upgrade iOS

Update: June 2, 2023 By Rebecca


Have you ever upgraded the system on your phone? Have you ever met with any problem like slow processing after you upgraded the phone? If you are an iPhone user, then you must have had some annoying experiences with your newly upgraded iPhone. To be honest, it is really common to have problems like a green or black screen, or the phone will get hot when processing some apps.

A system needs time to see if there is any bug or inappropriate design existing. And this will require users to find out and report. That’s why each new iOS system has problems like this and that.

For users, bugs in a new system can be very annoying. It can destroy your experience and even cost you more time. So what can you do on such an occasion? Can you downgrade your iOS system once you find it inconvenient to use? This is where WooTechy iMaster comes in handy.

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Introduction to WooTechy iMaster

To downgrade or upgrade an iOS system, WooTechy iMaster must be the best choice for you. The software is dedicated to satisfying the system version-related issues. It can also help back up your data on an iPhone or iPad of any system version.

software review wootechy imaster

WooTechy is a professional team devoted to helping digital device users to solve their device-related technological issues. Its products have already helped over one million people. If you have just met such needs, feel free to ask WooTechy for help.

To help you have a better understanding of how WooTechy iMaster works, we will provide some guidance on how to use it. Keep reading and you won’t regret it!

Great Features of WooTechy iMaster

How to Downgrade iOS

If you are worried about whether your data on your phone or iPad will get lost, then here you will first be guaranteed that the software can downgrade your iOS system using advanced technology, which means that your data will stay safe and intact. Let’s just get into the downgrade process.

software review wootechy imaster

1 Launch and Connect

First, download WooTechy iMaster on your computer and launch it. Then connect your device to your computer with a USB cable. This is the basic requirement for a digital device.

2 Download Firmware to Your Computer

Select the downgrade iOS mode afterward. Then, you can see the available firmware versions on the interface, please choose the version you want and click “next” to proceed. Please wait for the software to download. The software will verify and extract the firmware once it finishes.

3 Downgrade without Data Loss

After the above steps, you can click the “start” button to downgrade your iOS. This will take one minute or so, please wait patiently.

If you want to upgrade your iOS, you can just follow the above steps as well. But please remember that you should choose the “Upgrade iOS” sector first.

Why WooTechy iMaster Stands Out

1 Advanced Technology

WooTechy has a very professional team on the field, and it applies high-end technology on every upgrade version. You can have a better experience.

2 High Success Rate

Due to the advanced technology WooTechy iMaster has, it provides users with a high success rate.

3 No Data Loss

WooTechy iMaster claims to upgrade or downgrade your iOS system without data loss. There is no need to worry about losing your data during the process.

4 Easy Operation

You can see from the basic guidance we provided above that it just takes 3 steps to finish. The software even takes possible occasions into consideration and provides solutions.

Shortcomings of WooTechy iMaster

1 Firmware Needed

To upgrade or downgrade your iOS, you will have to download a system firmware

2 Pay Before Use

To use the full version, you will have to make a purchase.

What Other People Concern

1 Does WooTechy iMaster Has a Money-Back Policy?

Yes, the software has a 30-day money-back policy, which means you can have your money back if the software is not satisfying.

2 What Can I Do If There Is Any Problem

Once there is any problem with the software or service, you can contact the support personnel. They offer professional suggestions on your issues. And the support service is available all day long.

3 Is WooTechy iMaster Safe?

The data will not only be intact with WooTechy iMaster, it will be safe as well. Because the development team considers customers’ private information a top priority, you can trust it for your service.

WooTechy iMaster Pricing

1-Month Plan 1-Year Plan Lifetime Plan
$19.95 (Reg.$29.95) $29.95 (Reg.$39.95) $49.95 (Reg.$69.95)

After reading this article, you must have a clear idea of what WooTechy iMaster can do, so if you just need such a tool to downgrade or upgrade your iOS system, don’t hesitate to make a purchase! Moreover, WooTechy iMaster is offering a 15% discount for everyone here. Just click the button to get the sale!