PDFelement: Combine, Compress, and Edit Your PDF

May 6, 2022 By Rebecca


To be able to use office software like Word and PDF is a basic requirement for most jobs. You can add pictures, forms, and links to your PDF work. But many of us don’t know how to use such tools due to the lack of practice on the school campus. Or we just use the software on our phones simply to do some editing work. If you have little skills in editing an office file, you must know that the word file can be easily edited, but to edit or convert a PDF file will need a lot of money or more effort.

If you are trying to figure out one easy way to work with a PDF file, you may need more than a simple PDF office software. You may need to compress two or more PDF files while converting them to another file type after compressing. You may need to edit directly on the PDF rather than edit it after converting it to a Word file. You must find it more convenient if you can edit a PDF right after opening it.

Here we will introduce PDF editing software in this article to help you make the work experience easier and quicker.

Introduction to PDFelement

As you may know from the name of the product, PDFelement is a tool to help you work on your PDF files easily. The software is developed to solve problems that are frequently met in the work environment. You can create and edit a PDF on it after opening the file. You can convert or compress the PDF files into other file types with just a few clicks. If you need to merge, split or rotate your PDF pages, you can just do it using PDFelement. It can also help you add some notes to your PDF pages if necessary. In one word, the software is a must-have tool if your job needs to deal with files of different types.

software review wondershare pdfelement

Just as you can see in the picture above, besides the features we listed, it can also give your files and private information a safe environment so that you don’t have to worry about divulging confidential papers and bringing damage to the business.

1 How to Use the Software

If you have known a tool or software, the first thing you care about most must be how to use it. So here in this article, we will provide some guidance for you to have a basic understanding of the software. First, we provide a screenshot of the interface below.

software review wondershare pdfelement

2 How to Make Comments

Actually, you will come to the comment section right after you add or open a PDF file. You can see the features available at the top bar of the interface.

software review wondershare pdfelement

As the picture shows you, you can choose to highlight the text, underline the words or sentences or strike out the content as you wish. You can also choose to highlight an area or draw a squiggly line on the PDF.

In the next section, you can choose to draw a closed or unclosed shape on the PDF. It can be a rectangle, an oval, an arrow, and other shapes like a cloud or polygon.

If you want to show your idea or point of view about something, you can add comments by clicking the “message” icon in the third section, or other choices will do the same job.

3 What Can You Do to Edit a PDF File

software review wondershare pdfelement

Click on the “Edit” section, then you can see what you can do here. The software provides you with some basic features like adding text and images to the PDF. You can also add links to the file, be it a web page or a file page.

If you want your work free from stealing or misusage by others, you can add a watermark to it. You can also add or edit the background of a PDF here.

4 How to Convert a PDF File

If you work in the office area, you will definitely meet the need of converting a PDF file to another file type. How do you convert a PDF file? Are you still struggling with such tasks? Now with PDFelement, you can do this easily!

software review wondershare pdfelement

Here you can see the file type available for you to convert. Just need you to choose the right type you need, then it will convert the file for you.

5 Compress and Combine

To compress PDF files or to combine files, you just need to go to the “Tool” sector. Here you can see many other options like “OCR Area” and “Flatten File”.

If you want to see more detail about the items you add, just give it a right-click and select the “properties” option, and detailed information will be listed on the right of the interface.

From the above illustration, you can see that PDFelement is really a powerful and necessary software in one’s work. All the features like editing and converting are frequently met in a business environment. With the help of PDFelement, you can save a lot of time to deal with important business or personal matters. What a wonderful choice!

Use PDFelement to Explore Your Creativity

Besides editing an existing PDF file, and compressing and combining files, you can also use PDFelement to create beautiful PDF files with your imagination.

Here the software offers a template for you to use. You can choose from many examples or just use the materials on your computer. It can help create posters for your product or business projects.

Other Information You May Need

PDFelement Pricing

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