OrgCharting: See the Structure Clearly

April 24, 2022 By Rebecca


What Is Organizational Charts

You can see an organizational chart everywhere in a company or organization. It presents the structure of the management through the team and clearly illustrates the function of every person. The hierarchical organizational structure is the most commonly applied one. There are other such charts available, including product and geographical org charts which divide the team by a certain product line or geography. Another example is holacracy org charts that organize employees by work or project instead of titles. In such a chart, everyone can make decisions.

The org chart makes things easy and improves team efficiency. It is not, however, easy to create such charts by your hands with a pen. To help you draw an org chart, we recommend OrgCharting.

What Is OrgCharting

You must have guessed what OrgCharting is. Yes, as is illustrated above, OrgChating is a software that can help you draw an OrgCharting. You can not only explore your imagination but also apply the templates it offers directly. The software belongs to wondershaer Edraw, a group that devoted itself to helping people create diagrams and improve the work experience. The picture below is a screenshot of the interface of OrgCharting.

software review wondershare orgcharting

If you just have a file that has the data you want to be transferred to the org chart, you can also import the file. To help you learn more about OrgCharting, this article will detail its basic information. Keep reading.

What Can OrgCharting Do

Other Features of OrgCharting

Four Ways to Replace Photo in A Chart

Since a team will have its members come and leave, you may have to constantly change the photo in the chart. The EdrawProj offers several ways to change photos.

Four Limitations of the Trial Version

OrgCharting Pricing

OrgCharting 100 OrgCharting 500 OrgCharting 1000
$145 $245 $450

For a comparison of the three versions, check the picture below

software review wondershare orgcharting

Now you have read the basic features of OrgChart, why don’t have a try? If you want to improve your work efficiency, just click the button below because we are offering a 10% discount now!