Filmora: DIY Your Video Style

April 25, 2022 By Rebecca


An Age of Short Videos

The world has entered an age of short videos, with apps like TikTok going viral. For average individuals, short videos that have attractive content can always lure them to a channel. But besides watching others’ videos, many people also want to edit their own work to release on the apps. Meanwhile, your channel may also bring you a large amount of fortune if you operate it in a smart way. But what should you do to expand the fan base on your own? First, you should post finely edited videos.

For starters, priority should be given to editing the video by yourself and of high quality. To achieve this, you will need a video-editing software to help produce a work. Filmora is a powerful software that can meet all your needs in video editing. Here we are going to explore more about what Filmora can do for you.

Introduction to Filmora

As is said above, Filmora is a video editing software that can help you create videos that have your unique style. It is developed by Wondershare, a company devoted to helping improve people’s tech life. The software allows you to edit your video as you want and offers many effects and tags to make your work more attractive.

software review wondershare filmora

Features of Filmora

As you can see in the image above, the final edition can be funny and eye-catching. So we have just illustrated what filmora is, then what are its exact features? If you have already had some work done by yourself or have used other video editing software, you may know the basic function of Filmora. Like other software of its kind, Filmora allows you to input a raw video from your computer. But how does it work to produce a video? Let’s take a closer look at its features here:

software review wondershare filmora

Other Information You May Need

Why The Conversion Process Is Slow?

Among Filmora users, one frequently asked question is that they find the conversion process takes too long. Why does it happen?

First of all, you should know that there are other factors like the output settings and the overall performance of your computer that can affect the speed of conversion. You can check the GPU acceleration in file-preference-performance. Then, you can also optimize your sequence before exporting.

What Other Users Say About Filmora

User 1: The software is easy to use and has simple features and settings for non-professional users. I don’t think it is expensive. And once you get the paid version, you get a frequent update rate.

User 2: Filmora doesn’t cost you a penny to do basic editing work. You can get most of the tools for free and there is no need to worry about any virus threat because it is 100% secure.

User 3: It is a user-friendly software that meets the needs of small content producers. It has so many wonderful features like cutting, pasting, and trimming. The software supports the chroma effect to remove the green or black screen. There are many other features that I haven’t had time to explore!

User 4: The interface of this software is intuitive and straightforward. It covers the powerful features required for professional editing. I often use this software to create rich educational tutorials.

User 5: Filmora is a good choice for most novices and intermediate-level video producers because it has a clear interface and is just like most other video-editing software.

Filmora Pricing

Monthly Plan Annual Plan Perpetual Plan
Individuals $68.99 $116.95
Students $19.99 $40.99 $49.99

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