FamiSafe: An App Parents Must Know

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Why Should You Know FamiSafe?

Childhood is the most innocent period in a person’s life. One is always curious about everything around him when he was little, but few children can barely identify danger hidden in the surrounding. As a parent, you must always want to know your child’s whereabouts. If your children are always addicted to their smartphones and turn a blind eye to their homework, you must want to know FamiSafe. If you want to set a time limit on their phones but don’t know how to do it, you must want to know FamiSafe. If you want to make sure your baby boy or girl is safe at school and he or she doesn’t appear in someplace they shouldn’t even go, you must want to know FamiSafe.

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What Is FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is a parental control app that allows you to know your kids’ real-time whereabouts. As there is much information online that may theme any topic including violence, pornography, and gambling, it is very risky to let children use smartphones without supervision. FamiSafe sends you an alert when children are reading or watching such content so you can stop them before something dangerous happens.

Besides this, FamiSafe can also track your children’s location and where they had been to. You can also set Geofences like “school” and “home”. You will be notified if your children get out of the routine.

What Can FamiSafe Do For You?

1 Report Children’s Daily Activities

It is hard to control children’s daily activities once they entered school. You may worry about their safety all the time and sometimes this makes you distracted at work. You may want to know who your children are playing with, where will they go after school, and whether they are behaving themselves in class.

FamiSafe is designed to help parents supervise their children. It can monitor children’s phones and check what activities they are having during school hours. You can check what apps they install and uninstall, and how much time they have spent on the apps.

2 Manage Apps and Screen Time on Children’s Phones

Since Tiktok and other short video platforms have gone viral among kids, it is very easy to get addicted to the apps, even adults can spend a lot of time on them each day. That’s why you need FamiSafe to control the time your children spend on such apps.

You can set a schedule of screen time to help your children foster good habits. FamiSafe allows you to choose which app your children can use and for how long. If you are not with your kids, you can also choose to remotely block apps they are using if necessary.

3 Detect Inappropriate Information And Alert You

As kids grow older, they learn to read content from different resources, but there is no filter to block information that may involve violent words, bloody pictures, and pornography. Children can be easily affected by such content and this may lead to future crimes.

Here you may need FamiSafe to get informed when there are inappropriate words appeared on the website or social media your children are browsing. By doing so, you can protect your children from developing harmful thoughts and lead them to the right path.

4 Get You Details About Videos and Websites Your Kids Have Browsed

If you want to know more about your children, such as their hobbies, favorite celebrities, movies, and so on, you can check web pages and videos they have browsed on the phone. You can use this to prepare their birthday present surprise.

There has always existed a serious top in school, that is bully. Most victims don’t dare to tell their parents, some even choose to end their lives. In that case, a FamiSafe is necessary for you to find if there is any clue that your kids are suffering from bullies. If your children have suffered from bullies or have searched for some abnormal information, you can know it and take action before it’s too late.

5 Block Apps That Children May Get Addicted To

Short video apps such as TikTok can be very addictive for kids who can’t control themselves. Sometimes they can spend a whole day on such platforms. This not only wastes their time but also hurts their health. Parents must take action to help children know the disadvantages of wasting time on such apps and divide their time rationally.

You can use FamiSafe to help set a timetable for your children to use entertainment apps and block apps that you don’t want them to use. Children cannot use the app anymore once the set time is over.

6 Report Driving Details of Each Trip

There are millions of lives lost on the road. Teenagers are always active and eager to show their ability and power. This might cause them to drive at a high speed and even get easily infuriated by others’ words. So it’s very urgent to know that your children are safe on a trip.

With FamiSafe, you don’t have to worry anymore because it will report the speed, and the distance of the car and inform you whether there is dangerous behavior during the trip.

Other Features of FamiSafe

How To Use FamiSafe?


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