EdrawProj Software review: Features and Price

Update: April 24, 2022 By Rebecca


The Benefit of Managing Projects

We have always heard people talking about efficiency, especially those working in a firm. To be frank, efficiency is a vital factor that decides the development of a company. Usually, one person can get several tasks to do in a single day. To finish these tasks, he needs to have a clear mind about what to do now and what to do later. But to figure it out and keep in mind the list actually adds a burden to him. So he needs to take the list down and keep it as flexible as possible in case any change pumps up.

It is a really complex procedure to write down the task and just scribble a little bit when any change happens. To improve your work efficiency, you may need to learn to manage your tasks in a digital way.

What Is EdrawProj?

EdrawProj is a personal project manager that can help you create a Gantt chart, a list of the task you need to finish and check how much has been left. You can see the interface on the screenshot below.

software review wondershare edrawproj

You can use the software to create the tasks you need to do and attach a priority level to each one. One thing you need to do is to remember to add or delete tasks and edit if you have any progress.

Why is the EdrawProj necessary?

It is a widely acknowledged truth that there will only be more tasks for you as you get familiar with your school curriculum or work duties. Some people just get annoyed at having to do so many things at one time. Others are even calculating how much work has been done. When your boss asks you to inform him of the current state, you may have to let him wait until you figure out everything. It is time-consuming not being able to have a clear mind of the progress of each task at hand. Then how do you solve this problem? Do you just leave it there? Are you still struggling to find a solution?

Now with EdrawProj, you don’t have to worry anymore, because it can help you straighten the tasks and have a clear knowledge of how much you have done on which project. In this article, we will look deeper into what EdrawProj can do exactly. Keep reading and see if it can help you save time!

Basic Features of EdrawProj

software review wondershare edrawproj

There are still many other features that we don’t have enough space to illustrate. But if you really have some project managing issues, you can see that EdrawProj is a really powerful software to help you on your task. Actually, the company, wondershare, provides many tutorial videos on Youtube, so you can just visit their channel to learn more.

How to Generate A Report

To generate a report, you should first click the “view” option on the top of the interface. Here are all the functions you may need. You can choose “Top Level Cost” or “Resource Work” according to your preference.

software review wondershare edrawproj

How to Export Your Gantt Chart to PDF

Since EdrawProj is designed to be a software to save your time and energy, you just need several clicks to export your work. Just click on “File” and you can see the “export” option on the left. Click here to choose the file type you want. Then you can export your chart to your computer.

software review wondershare edrawproj

EdrawProj Pricing

Annual License Perpetual License Lifetime License
$99 $179 $245

Now you have a primary impression about EdrawProj, why don’t download it and speed up your work right away? Here we offer you a 10% discount if you click the button below. Just have a try and you won’t regrate!