Edraw Max: Create Diagrams Easily

Update: April 18, 2022 By Rebecca


What is Edraw Max?

You not only process many files on your computer. Sometimes you will need to create a diagram for work or school homework. But actually, there may not be much time for you to design work and draw it on your computer or other devices. Moreover, it is highly difficult for ordinary people to draw a diagram using a mouse. So what can you do when met with such requests?

To save you time, we suggest Edraw Max. Edraw Max is a powerful diagram drawing software to help you create your diagram with clicks. Here we have detailed some information about and keep reading.

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What Can You Do with Edraw Max?

Edraw Max has so many features that we can’t exemplify each here, so we are going to list several commonly used ones.

software review wondershare edraw max

1 Business

This is where you will use diagrams most. As you enter the workplace, you will have a lot of chances to deal with diagrams. Work reports, presentations, business competitions, and other scenarios will just take you a lot of time and energy to prepare. But here with Edraw Max, you will save more time for doing research and memorizing your speech.

Here you can see the interface of Edraw Max. It provides you with many examples of shapes and symbols to choose from. You just need to click the needed type and select the shapes you want from the left bar. Just give a double-click on the place you want to insert the information you will be able to write.

2 Flowchart

Just follow the same step we have offered above you can start creating your flowchart. You can choose a connector on the top bar of the interface to connect two shapes. You will find a “Library” on the left, there are many other types of shapes you can choose.

3 Mind Map

Have you ever gotten annoyed at not being able to take down notes? Are you still using a notebook to write everything your boss or teacher says? Stop doing this and try a mind map for your notes! The mind map is also one of the most frequently used diagrams in both the workplace and class. It saves you time to write all the words and provides you with a clear idea of what is important and what you should do.

Edraw Max has a bunch of mind maps for you to choose from, you just need to select your favorite style. You can add or delete branches as you like. The software offers some samples like marketing, class planning, time management, etc.

4 Management

If your company or team has been reframed and some members have had their titles changed, then you may need to redraw the framework of your company or team. If you have just established a new organization or team, you must clarify the duty and title of each member. In these cases, you may need a tool to help you finish the work quickly, and that tool would be Edraw Max.

You can find different examples on the interface and like the mind map and all the other diagrams, you can directly write on them. If you decide to do it by yourself, just choose a shape and color and begin your creation.

5 Strategy and Planning

This feature is also mostly needed in business and class environments. You need to demonstrate your idea for a project and how to achieve the goals you set for your team. There will be much teamwork on the school campus, especially in those technical institutions. As a student, you have little experience with this and need more time to do research. Edraw Mac will save you time.

The process is just the same as the above features we listed. You can draw your diagram with a few clicks.

Other Features Edraw Max Has

Edraw Max Pricing

Annual License Perpetual License Lifetime License
$99 $179 $245

Edraw Max is an interesting software that can inspire your creativity. Don’t hesitate to have a try! Here we offer you a 10% discount for you, click the button to see more.