AllMyTube Software Review: Features & Pricing

April 27, 2022 By Rebecca


What Is AllMyTube

I believe most of you have been watching videos for a long time, be it a TV series or a music MV. When you watch these videos on websites, an internet connection is required. That makes things complex if your network connection is weak or you are on a business train. To spend time on the road, you need to download the video before leaving.

There are a lot of ways to download a video online, but the only reliable way is to have a video downloader on your computer.

AllMyTube is a video downloader that can both download a video and convert videos. Its main features are presented in the screenshot below.

software review wondershare allmytube

The software is developed by Wondershare, and has been around for over one decade. The firm is dedicated to developing software that makes people’s life and works more convenient and helps save time. If you have ever used any software by it, you will know that it’s always a good choice.

Different from the previous version, AllMyTube now has added some features including “record” and “transfer”. In that sense, the software now fits your requirement when you want to download videos.

Basic Features of AllMyTube

1 Two Ways To Download

2 About the “Download then Convert Mode”

You can select the “Download then Convert Mode” when you want the video to be on another device, like an iPhone or Android device. You can also choose video and audio formats as well as different game devices. You may need a full version if you want this feature.

software review wondershare allmytube

3 Steps to Transfer Videos Via Network

Other Features of AllMyTube

How To Download MP3 Audio Tracks from YouTube

With AllMyTube, you can download MP3 audio quickly. Like downloading all the other videos, the first thing you need to do is to copy the URL of the audio you want. Paste the URL to the place on AllMyTube. The audio you need will be downloaded immediately after you click the “Download MP3” button. You will see the process in the “downloading” sector. Then you can click the “Finished” option to find the MP3 audio in the “Downloaded” area.

How To Add Downloaded Videos to Your Playlist

The software can not only help download videos but also help manage the resources on your software.

To add videos downloaded on your computer, you need first to create a playlist. Open the software on your computer and go to the “Downloaded” section. Select the “New Playlist” option and edit the name of your playlist before clicking “add playlist”. Then you need to add what you want to the newly established playlist. Move the mouse to the video you want, you will see the add to a playlist button on the right. Click the button to add to the list after you choose the exact list where you want it to be. After all these steps, you can see your list and videos in it.

AllMyTube Pricing

1 Year License Lifetime License Family License
$19/1PC or Mac $29/1PC or Mac $79/2-5PC or Mac

If you are a video lover, then AllMyTube will definitely meet your needs. Want to have a try? Start downloading your favorite episode now! We offer you a 20% off coupon here. Just click the button and enjoy your sale!