iMyFone iTransor for LINE Review: Easily transfer LINE Chat Logs & Data Between iOS and Android

Update: July 3, 2023 By Felix

There are often many iPhone or Android users who want to transfer LINE chat logs across systems, whether it's from Android to iOS or from iOS to Android, but there's no way to do it through LINE's built-in features.

If you want to easily transfer LINE chat records between iPhone and Android, you can do so by using iMyFone iTransor for LINE, a convenient LINE chat transfer tool. If you have LINE chat backup and transfer related needs, we suggest you to use iMyFone iTransor for LINE to quickly solve them.

imyfone itransor for whatsapp

Part 1. What Is iMyFone iTransor for LINE

iMyFone iTransor for LINE is a tool that can solve the problem that LINE chat backup cannot be cross-platform. The basic functions have surpassed the original LINE functions, such as LINE backup and cross-platform transfer of conversation records can be easily achieved. iTransor for LINE" quickly transfers LINE conversation history.

Then iMyFone iTransor for LINE can mainly solve the following common problems, and these functions will also be used in the follow-up teaching to tell you how to achieve:


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Part 2. How to Use iMyFone iTransor for LINE

The following will explain how iMyFone iTransor for LINE works with simple operation instructions and pictures.

2.1 How to transfer LINE chat logs between iPhone and Android phone

If you want to transfer LINE chat conversation records from iOS to Android system, or LINE chat conversation records from Android to iOS system, you only need to use iMyFone iTransor for LINE.

This article will take the iPhone's LINE conversation record directly transferred to the Android system as an example.

Step 1 Install iMyFone iTransor for LINE on your computer

First find a computer (Windows, macOS), install iMyFone iTransor for LINE transfer tool, the current Windows system support is relatively complete, you can transfer LINE conversation records between iPhone and Android, only macOS is temporarily unable to support iPhone/Android Transfer to Android system.

install imyfone itransor for whatsapp

Step 2 Connect iPhone and Android phone to computer

To replace the Android phone first, you need to turn on the "USB detection" mode, set the location in the Android "Settings", find "About Phone/My Device", and then click "Software Version Number" for 7 consecutive times, it will trigger "Development" in the setting page. "Personnel Options", you can turn on the "USB detection" function in it, so that the Android phone can be connected to the computer.

If the iPhone is connected to the computer with the transmission cable for the first time, it will display whether to trust the computer. Click "Trust" and enter the unlock password to connect the computer and the iPhone to each other.

When the iPhone and Android phone are connected to the computer through the transmission line, after confirming that the iMyFone iTransor for LINE tool has read the device, then pay attention to the "source transfer device" on the left and the "target receiving data device" on the right, you can use the middle swap Button adjustment, everything is ready to be able to press "start".

connect devices to your computer

At this point, the target device LINE data will be overwritten warning window will pop up, click "OK" to continue.

Step 3 Prepare the source and target devices

At the beginning, the tool will enter the state of preparing source LINE data, and wait for it to run to 100%. It is recommended not to continue to use LINE chat during the process.

When the source is finished, the iMyFone iTransor for LINE tool will automatically remove the original LINE on the Android phone, and install the old version of the LINE App. You don't need to do it manually, just click the "OK" button to continue.

prepare the source and target devices

During the automatic installation process, pay attention to whether the Android phone pops up to allow the installation of LINE authorization prompt, just click the Android phone to allow it.

Step 4 Transfer LINE data to the target device

When the target device (Android phone) has installed the LINE App, it will start "processing LINE data", and also wait for the progress bar to fill up.

Finally, the transfer of LINE conversation records across systems will begin, and the LINE conversations in the iPhone will be directly converted to the Android system LINE App.

Step5. After LINE is halfway through transferring data to the target device, the "Restore My Data" button to select the Android device will be displayed.

transfer line data to the target device

Then the iMyFone iTransor for LINE tool will ask to download a new version of LINE for the target device (Android), directly open Google Play to update LINE to the latest version, and then click "Next" to continue.

click next

Finally, open the LINE App directly on the Android phone and log in to your LINE account. The process will pop up to restore the backed up chat history. Click the 'Skip this step' if it asks you whether to restore the backup , then click "Done".

click done

You will see on the Android phone that the iPhone's LINE chat history has been successfully transferred across systems. Does it feel super simple and easy?

Tips: Transfer LINE chat history from iPhone to Android

2.2 How to backup LINE chat logs to computer

The LINE cloud backup function always fails for many people. The main reason is that LINE is too fat, or there is an unknown error, which makes it impossible to backup LINE chat records to iCloud or Google cloud. If LINE backup fails frequently , it is recommended to directly use iMyFone iTransor for LINE to back up the conversation records to the computer.

After opening the iMyFone iTransor for LINE tool, click the second computer icon on the left, the function is "LINE chat backup record to computer", connect the mobile phone to the computer, make sure that iMyFone iTransor for LINE is connected to the mobile phone normally, select the backup After the LINE data location, click "Start".

connect your device to the computer

iTransor for LINE will start to check the status of the LINE App on the phone. After a while, the tool will check the status of the device and start to back up the LINE data to the computer.

backup made succeddfully

The time for backing up LINE data will also depend on how much space your LINE occupies. If there are several GBs, you may have to wait for a while. As long as the computer hard disk space is large enough, there is basically no need to worry about the failure of LINE backup, as long as the backup is successful. After the message, it means that all LINE chat history and data have been backed up to the computer.

backup made succeddfully

2.3 How to restore LINE data backup

When the LINE data is backed up and the LINE App suddenly cannot be opened on the subsequent mobile phone, you can use the iTransor for LINE tool to directly restore the LINE data backup, just click the third one on the left menu, find the backup file you want to restore, and click The "Restore" button in the lower right corner.

restore line data backup

To restore LINE backup records, you can easily restore them with one click. Currently, iTransor for LINE supports restoring iPhone backup files to Android devices, and Android backups to iPhone, regardless of whether it is a Windows or Mac version.

restore line data backup

2.4 How to browse LINE data backup files and chat logs?

I believe that many people will experience that the LINE photo storage period has expired, or they have accidentally deleted the LINE chat room. As long as they are backed up with iTransor for LINE, they can still save these image files or chat records.

Just open the iTransor for LINE tool, click the last icon on the left, select the LINE backup data to be read, and click "Read/Export".

read line data bakcup files

It will be able to read all files of the backed up LINE chat history, including the chat history can be directly exported.

backed up LINE chat history

data exported successfully


iMyFone iTransor for LINE is the most convenient cross-system LINE conversation backup and transfer tool. All operations can be transferred instantly with one click without any brains. You can even back up all LINE data in iPhone / Android phone to the computer, or through the computer separately Restoring LINE data is no problem.

The most powerful part is that it can read the LINE backup file, and export the desired conversation records and photos. It is simple, easy to use and powerful.

Although iMyFone iTransor for LINE mainly adopts the charging mechanism, but for the need to transfer LINE data across systems, you can quickly transfer the data with a small amount of money. I believe the price is cheaper than asking others to transfer it, let alone worry about it. LINE chat history or data will be leaked.