Full Review 2023: Everything You Wanted to Know about iMyFone MirrorTo

Update: June 29, 2023 By Felix

Have you ever worried that your boss will find out if you play with your phone frequently during working hours? Have you ever complained that your cell phone screen is too small and cause you to play mobile games when you can not play well? Have you ever thought about putting videos, movies and other multimedia from your mobile device on the big screen?

In fact, all you need is a qualified mirroring application such as iMyFone MirrorTo, to meet all of your needs above. The following article will introduce the features of iMyFone MirrorTo and the operating guide in detail.

imyfone mirrorto

Part 1. What is iMyFone MirrorTo?

iMyFone MirrorTo is an iOS/Android screen mirror app for PC. It can share the screen of most iOS and Android devices to the PC. It comes to mirror your presentations, meetings, work, share and record class lectures, play games or watch movies. After sharing, Users can easily manipulate the phone from the computer. You can play mobile games or open any mobile application on your computer with impunity.

1.1 Main features

  • Powerful compatibility
  • It is basically compatible for use with most of the popular mobile devices in the market today. Compatible with all iOS & Android devices including iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei, LG, Sony, Oppo, Vivio, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Motorola, etc. It works perfectly on these devices and supports most games.

  • Stable connection
  • Many users require mirroring applications to remain stable when the computer is connected to the phone to avoid errors in use. MirrorTo does this perfectly, it uses advanced algorithms to ensure a user experience and it does not crash easily. It can be used smoothly even in lower-end PCs.

  • High definition
  • MirrorTo still retains high definition screen quality when casting your phone screen to PC. The smooth screen casting and high definition screen quality ensure a smooth experience for users, even when using a large screen without degrading the picture quality.

  • Advanced customizable keyboard
  • Once your device is connected, MirrorTo displays an intuitive keyboard controller that allows you to effortlessly manage your big screen. And this keyboard has an advanced customization feature that allows users to customize the keyboard with different styles and key functions according to their preferences. Also, with just one click you can reset these customized keyboard functions.

  • Easy operation
  • The intuitive and clear interface shows the functions it has. There are no unnecessary operating steps or complicated instructions, so even those who have not used it before can use it quickly.

    1.2 Product specification

    Money Back Guarantee English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
    Operating System 30-day
    Subscription Windows
    Support Services Tickets
    Lifetime Plan $59.95 (Reg.$79.95)

    1.3 Pricing

    iMyfone MirrorTo offers a free trial. If you want to continue using it after the 15-minute trial, you need to pay for it. The application currently offers three subscription plans.

    Subscription plans Cost Devices
    Free Try Unlimited devices
    1-Month Plan $9.95/Month (Reg.$19.95) Unlimited devices/5 PCs
    1-Quarter Plan $24.95/Quarter (Reg.$39.95) Unlimited devices/5 PCs
    1-Year Plan $39.95/Year (Reg.$49.95) Unlimited devices/5 PCs

    MirrorTo is not expensive among all equivalents, and iMyFone often holds promotions. You may be able to get it for a lower price. For more promotion information, you can contact the support center.

    iMyFone also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and accepts payments through all major payment methods.

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    Part 2. A wide range of applications

    As an excellent iOS/Android Screen Mirror App, MirrorTo can be used in many scenarios. Whether it's for gaming, work or any other area, MirrorTo is always there to help you if you have any screen casting needs. I'll talk about some of its uses below.

    2.1 Enjoy mobile games

    Have you ever complained that your phone screen isn't big enough when you're playing a mobile game? Today's smartphone games increasingly test players' skills, and manipulating the game from the phone screen alone can make it difficult for some players to win eSports.

    For many e-sports players, convenient operation and a large, intuitive screen are more helpful to win. MirrorTo helps them well. It not only provides an excellent display, but also allows you to use the game keyboard to control mobile games. Not only that, the game records can be automatically saved on your computer. MirrorTo will definitely bring a different experience to many mobile game players.

    imyfone mirrorto

    In addition to its excellent performance in casting mobile games, MirrorTo is also very good in casting movies with its ability to provide high-definition picture quality. There are many users who buy it specifically to watch movies. In the family day or party, no longer need to squeeze together to watch the small screen phone.

    2.2 Better office work

    With applications in both business and education, MirrorTo's screen projection mirroring technology makes it easy to share presentations in a conference room, classroom or gathering place. In addition, it supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco Webex Meeting and other tools. Thanks to its strong device compatibility, this screen mirroring solution is suitable for use in teaching or business environments. It turns your phone or tablet into a second blackboard, giving you more freedom when teaching or presenting.

    imyfone mirrorto

    2.3 Record Android Screen

    Currently, many Android users have been complaining about the recording problem of Android phones. Android can't record internal sound because of the system problem, only the sound together with the speaker. MirrorTo can help many Android users to solve this problem. After casting Android device to computer, you can record Android video as you like and can save the video to computer, which allows Android users to make and save useful tutorials for audiences.

    imyfone mirrorto

    2.4 Live stream

    With the development of all major social media, watching live streaming has become a way of entertainment for many people. And there are more and more people who need to get more attention through live streaming, which has now become a must for many internet celebrities. MirrorTo is a good choice if you need to get attention by live streaming the content of your phone screen. MirrorTo can stream your phone to YouTube or other platfroms with HD webcam, with up to 4K resolution. A number of users have already tried using MirrorTo to live stream mobile games for their subscribers.

    Part 3. How to use MirrorTo?

    The following section will teach you how to use MirrorTo with simple step-by-step instructions and pictures.

    3.1 How to Mirror Android Phones to PC

    Step 1. Install iMyFone MirrorTo

    Download MirrorTo from the iMyFone official site on your computer and launch the program.

    Step 2. Connect your device

    Connect your Android phone to your computer with a USB cable. Then select "Transferring files" for USB settings.

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 3. Go to Developer option

    Head to "Setting" > "About phone" > "Software information". Then go to Developer option by clicking Build number for 7 times. Enable the USB debugging on your Android devices when USB is connected.

    imyfone mirrorto

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 4. Granting permissions to MirrorTo

    Simply click on "Turn on" and iMyFone MirrorTo apk will be automatically downloaded to your Android phone. Now you can play games or watch movies on the big screen.

    imyfone mirrorto

    imyfone mirrorto

    imyfone mirrorto

    3.2 How to Mirror iOS Devices to PC

    There are two ways to cast an ios device to a PC, one is via wifi and the other is via USB.

    3.2.1 Mirror iOS Devices to PC via Wi-Fi

    Step 1. Install iMyFone MirrorTo, select the "iOS" system. Keep your iOS device and computer on the same Wi-Fi network environment.

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 2. Select Wi-Fi connection mode

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 3. Allow MirrorTo to access your network

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 4. Start Mirroring your iOS device

    Head to "Control Center" – "Screen Mirroring", select MirrorTo, and start screen casting.

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 5. Bluetooth pairing

    Head to "settings"-"Bluetooth". Now you can control your iOS device freely from your computer.

    imyfone mirrorto

    3.2.2 Mirror iOS Devices to PC via USB

    Step 1. Choose USB

    Step 2. Connecting your iOS device to your computer via USB cable

    Connect your iOS device to your computer via the USB cable. Next, when your iPhone asks you to "Trust this computer", click "Trust". Then enter your screen password to complete the process.

    Step 3. Install the drivers

    If you do not have the driver on your computer, you will need to install it first. Once the driver has been successfully installed, reconnect the device and restart MirrorTo so that the driver can be used properly.

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 4. Successfully mirrored to PC

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 5. Head to "settings"-"Bluetooth". Now you can control your iOS device freely from your computer.

    imyfone mirrorto

    3.3 How to Stream to Conference & Live Streaming

    3.3.1 Stream to Conference Software

    3.3.2 Stream to Live Streaming

    Step 1. Select the "Stream" button in the left toolbar

    After successfully connecting your phone to your computer, select the "Stream" button in the toolbar.

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 2. Choose "To Conference Software" Option

    Click the "Stream Window" and "Stream Microphone" options. Next, please click the "Start Streaming" button.

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 3. Complete the setup on the Conference Software

    Using Zoom as an example, first start Zoom on your computer and host the meeting. Then, please find "Camera" and select "MirrorTo Virtual Camera64".

    imyfone mirrorto

    Next, select your system speakers to the "Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device WDM" option.

    imyfone mirrorto

    Then click on "Mute My Audio" and select the microphone and speaker settings. For both select the "Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device WDM" option.

    imyfone mirrorto

    At last, please make sure your audio setting in MirrorTo app is working.

    MirrorTo App Home page. "Setting" > "General Settings" > "Audio input" > "All sounds."

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 5. Successfully streamed to conference software

    Now you can use your phone or tablet as your camera and microphone to organise meetings.

    imyfone mirrorto

    3.3.2 Stream to Live Streaming

    Step 1. Select the "Stream" button in the left toolbar

    After successfully connecting your phone to your computer, select the "Stream" button in the toolbar.

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 2. Select the "Go to live platform" option

    Please select the "To Live Platform" option in the toolbar.

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 3. Find and copy the streaming code

    Using YouTube as an example, start a YouTube live stream by clicking on the "Create" option and selecting " Go Live". Then find and copy the streaming code on the YouTube interface.

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 4. Copy and paste your streaming code into the following window

    imyfone mirrorto

    Step 5. Stream to Live Streaming Successfully

    Now you can successfully stream your phone to the live streaming platform. Start your happy live streaming right away!

    imyfone mirrorto

    Part 4. Hot FAQs about iMyFone MirrorTo

    I have collected some of the more interesting questions from users.

    1 Is iMyFone MirrorTo safe and legal?

    Yes. MirrorTo is 100% safe to use. As long as you download it from the official website, the application is free from viruses, bugs and malware.

    iMyFone MirrorTo is legal like all other mirroring apps - but don't use pirated versions.

    2 What's the difference between emulators and mirroring apps?

    The ultimate goal of Android emulators and mirroring apps is the same, both share the screen of your Android device on the big screen. However, emulators are more complex and time-consuming to use, while mirroring apps are very easy even for first-time users.

    3 Why can't my phone mirror to my TV?

    It could just be a transient glitch in the connection, or your TV doesn't support Miracast technology. Sometimes, it can also be caused by faulty applications and cables. In any case, make sure to restart your device and TV and try again.

    4 What is the difference between the free trial version and the full version?

    As you already know, MirrorTo offers a free trial to its users to earn their praise and trust. However, the free trial version offers limited features compared to its fully paid subscription plan. For example, users get a limited 15 minutes of mirroring time with the free trial and no keyboard mapping, while there is no cap on mirroring once the product is purchased.


    All in all, this review article shows that iMyFone MirrorTo is an efficient mirroring application that can play your Android/iOS device on the big screen. It comes preloaded with all the impeccable features you can expect from a quality mirroring software. Moreover, it has a slick and innovative interface that makes it a screen mirroring application that can be used even by less tech-savvy users.