iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp Review 2022: Backup & Transfer WhatsApp Chat Logs Easily

Update: April 18, 2022 By Felix

WhatsApp is a powerful online chat software. In addition to chatting between friends and relatives, many users will use it for business communication. But for the conversation records and pictures used in business, it is more important than the general chat, so backing up WhatsApp is also a necessary operation. Although WhatsApp provides iCloud backup for iPhone users, it will definitely be very annoying if you want to backup conversation messages. Or even what if one day you want to transfer your messages to Android, or from Android to iPhone? Then maybe you can try iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp, an all-purpose backup and restore WhatsApp tool.

imyfone itransor for whatsapp

Part1. What Is iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp

iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp works on a variety of phones, allowing you to easily transfer WhatsApp to a new phone without messing with other frustrating and tedious transfer tools. iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp supports both Android and iOS devices, so you can transfer from one operating system to another, or to a phone with the same operating system. Regardless of your setup, iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp should make WhatsApp transfer, backup and restore easy.

The tool goes beyond simply passing message history. With iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp, you can also back up all your messages to your computer (in case your phone is lost or stolen), and you can easily restore your messages to a new device if needed.

Compared to some other tools, maybe the best thing about iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp is that it is super easy to use. Transfer mail from old device to new device with just one click. The entire user interface has been carefully designed, and once you open it, you should immediately understand how it all works.


Subscription plans Cost Devices
1-Month Plan $29.95(Reg.$49.95) 5 Devices
1-Year Plan $39.95(Reg.$59.95) 5 Devices

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Part2. How to use iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp

Please download iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp before you start reading the following section if you are interested.
Here are some pictures and descriptions to explain how iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp helps users to achieve their needs.

2.1 Transfer WhatsApp between iPhone and Android

iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp is a software that can back up messages for WhatsApp. It can back up data to a computer, and even transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android devices, or transfer Android conversation records to iPhone to achieve cross-device To transfer WhatsApp, the way to use it is to connect the two devices to the computer through the transmission line at the same time, and press "Transfer".

connect your devices to computer

Before continuing, make sure again that the target device's WhatsApp is empty to avoid data overwriting.

Once the data transfer is complete, you can continue to use WhatsApp on the other device.

make sure the whatsapp of target device is empty

2.2 Back up WhatsApp on iPhone or Android

If you don't want to rely on WhatsApp's built-in cloud backup, you can choose iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp to back up. If you suddenly need to restore WhatsApp when your device is pegged, consider paying for it again to save money.

The iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp backup method is also very brainless, just click "Backup".

connect your devices to computer

It is very convenient to package and backup the WhatsApp data on the device and do other things in the process.

back up the whatsapp data

After each backup, it will be saved as a backup record. Of course, if there are multiple devices to be backed up, iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp will also backup in multiple items, and you can even know the backup device name, version, backup time and backup capacity.

2.3 Restore WhatsApp to iPhone or Android

If you want to restore the backup, you can select the time point to restore in the "Restore WhatsApp Backup" function, and click "Next" after confirming. iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp is more powerful than the built-in restore function in the App, and can restore across devices, that is, iPhone backup data can be restored to Android/iPhone, or Android backup data can be restored to iPhone/Android devices.

choose a whatsapp backup

Once the device is connected to the computer, it can be "restored".


2.4 Export WhatsApp Chat to a Computer

Select a backup from the list and click the "Export to Computer" button.

export whatsapp chat to a computer

After waiting for the program to scan, the WhatsApp chat files will appear on the screen. Select the file you want to export and click "Export".

click export

whatsapp export successful


After reading the above iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp skills, it should not be difficult to find this tool, whether it is transfer or restore function, it can be transferred across devices, and the data backed up by iPhone/Android cannot be restored across devices, if you need it Backup or transfer WhatsApp needs, then iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp will be a super tool that can solve your backup and transfer.