iMyFone Filme Review in 2022 – Best Video Editor

April 29, 2022 By Felix

When it comes to video editing software, many people think of Adobe Premiere, etc. Although it is really good and the functions are professional, the price is really not cheap, and the functions that most people need to use are nothing more than:

1. Basic editing functions 2. Free soundtrack 3. Special effects and transition animations are provided, which can be easily applied 4. At least 1080p quality video can be output

In fact, there are other more cost-effective options on the market. iMyFone Filme is one of them. In addition to the above mentioned ones (up to 4K is supported), it also provides a "large number of slideshow templates" that many people will love. You can easily create high-quality birthday, wedding, and record videos. In addition, there are some good additional practical functions, such as: screen recording, voice changer, unique QRCode scanning and importing materials, etc., which will be introduced in detail below.

imyfone filme

Part1. What Is iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme aka Filme Video Editor is a versatile video editing and management tool that helps users edit the precious memories captured in their lives in their own creative way, with just one click, you can create video with music or any Magnetic slideshow for videos, make basic edits to your needs, add amazing effects or make your own videos with advanced features, digitize your creativity with Filme, edit quality videos instantly; users can use built-in basic editing tools Show your creativity; support division, easily split video into multiple parts, support trim, can instantly trim video to ideal length, reverse, be able to play video backwards like magic, support speed, adjust video speed , make it faster or slower in seconds; easily resize and compress videos, compare your videos to make them easier to share on social media; easily organize and manage playlists for large music collections: create , rename, import, export, delete, and more!

Part2. Main Features of iMyFone Filme

1User-friendly interface

The simple-to-use interface allows you to trim any type of video easily. Filme specializes in trimming clips with high precision without any technical knowledge. For some friends who have not been exposed to video editing software, they should feel that it is difficult to learn. Some editing software is indeed like this, but iMyFone Filme is completely incapable of it. It has a traditional Chinese interface, and all functions and tools are dry. Well, you can understand it, and the layout is clear, so you can easily find the functions you want to use.


2Built-in a large number of practical special effects, transition animations and filters, which can be easily applied with one click

When watching some well-known YouTubers, movies, and commercial videos, there will be cool transition animations or special effects. You will definitely want to add them to your own videos. This is what iMyFone Filme can do. There are many built-in special effects. And it's easy to apply with just one click.
In terms of special effects, there are currently 29, including: Shake, VCR Distortion, Flashing, etc.

filters of imyfone fileme

3Lots of free background music for you to enjoy

If you want to make your videos look more interesting and vivid, sound effects are an indispensable element. Although there are many free materials available on the Internet, it takes a lot of time to download and organize. The great thing about iMyFone Filme is that it not only provides nearly 200 songs, It has also been sorted and classified, and can be used directly. You can view the video clips at any time and add appropriate sound effects.
Not only that, but there are even free soundtracks that many people have the most headaches. It can almost be said that using this set to cut out the film, you don’t have to worry about the background music material at all.

BGM of imyfone fileme

4Create high-quality projected slideshows with one click, and wirelessly apply your phone photos to them

This can be said to be my favorite feature of iMyFone Filme. Most editing software on the market does not have this free template built-in.

Weddings, birthdays of friends and family, or a memorable travel experience, you will want to make a projection slideshow to show each important memory photo, but for those who don’t know much about editing and have no design background, make it from scratch The difficulty is really high. I tried it before. Although I know how to edit videos, I have no artistic talent. .

And iMyFone Filme directly built 32 projection slideshow templates, each user can easily create one-click free, there are quite a few categories, weddings, birthdays, festivals, travel, education, business, and import their own photos into the template The operation is still very simple, which I believe you will love.

After turning on the one-click template function, you can browse all free templates, in addition to categories, you can also choose the size you want 16:9 or 9:16
create a video with one click

5Make your videos look cuter and more interesting with the Animated Elements feature

In order to make the video look more lively and interesting, you will definitely want to add some animation elements, but not everyone knows how to make them, and the difficulty is not low. In addition to the free materials mentioned above, iMyFone Filme also has animation elements. , and it can be easily added to the video clip with just one click, and the position and size can be freely determined.

The number of animation elements has also reached 144, ranging from festivals, movies, Emoji, icons, fun, to graduation and other categories:

change your voice

Pricing & Coupon

iMyFone Filme has several pricing options and a trial option:

We will occasionally provide our readers with coupons for software, if you are interested in iMyFone Filme. You can click the button below to see if there is a coupon.


After testing, I have to say that iMyFone Filme is indeed a very good video editing software. It has complete editing tools, built-in a large number of free materials (even projection slideshow templates), and unique interesting functions, which can not only greatly improve the editing experience. The speed also makes the movie more interesting and the editing is very flexible. The operation is also easy to use, even a novice does not have to worry.