[2023] iMyFone AnyTo Comprehensive Review

Update: May 31, 2023 By Felix

Nowadays, your GPS location is not considered a secret on the Internet. Your mobile device can easily reveal your whereabouts and be tracked by others. Once your whereabouts are exposed without a trace, there may be a risk that your information will be misused.

This has led to a market where people are now pursuing applications that can fake the GPS location of their phones such as iMyFone AnyTo. iMyFone AnyTo is an application that can change the GPS location of the user's device to protect your privacy. In addition to meeting users' needs for privacy protection, this app can also provide more services. This article will take a deep dive into iMyFone AnyTo and let us find out what else it has to offer you.

imyfone AnyTo

Part 1. What Is iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo is an excellent application to change the GPS location of cell phones. It can change the GPS location of users' iOS/Android devices to any corner of the world. And, it works 100% with location-based applications such as AR games, social platforms, etc. So whether you need to change your location to gain while playing AR games or want to share a fake location to trick others, iMyFone AnyTo has you covered.

1.1 Main Features of iMyFone AnyTo

1.2 Three Modes of AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo has three ways to simulate GPS movement.

1. Two-Spot Mode: When users need to simulate movement from one location to another, they can choose this mode.

imyfone AnyTo two spot mode

2. Multi-Spot Mode: This mode allows the user to select multiple locations on the map and to fix stopover points.

imyfone AnyTo multi spot mode

3. Joystick Mode: With this mode, you can change the directions in real-time marching and set 360-degree directions. Move forward or reverse by clicking the Direction button.

imyfone AnyTo multi spot mode

1.3 Pricing

iMyFone AnyTo currently offers a free trial version, if you are interested you can try the free version first. The free version only provides five uses of the teleport mode and one use of the two-point mode. To unlock more features you can purchase different plans.

Subscription plans Cost Devices
Free Try 5 Phones/1 PC
1-Month Plan $14.99/Month 5 Phones/1 PC
1-Quarter Plan $29.99/Quarter 5 Phones/1 PC
1-Year Plan $59.99/Year 5 Phones/1 PC
Lifetime Plan $89.99 5 Phones/1 PC

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The iMyFone website sometimes holds promotions, so maybe you can buy it at a lower price. Please pay attention to the iMyFone official website for more details..

Part2. When Will You Need iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo can be used in many scenarios. I will give a few examples below.


As AR/location-based games thrive, more and more young users need to change their GPS location to gain revenue. AnyTo works well in these games, and many Pokemon Go fanatics already say AnyTo performs perfectly in Pokemon Go. In addition, many social media platforms with GPS location sharing, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., can work well with AnyTo.

use imyfone anyto on pokemon go

Privacy and Security

In today's era of big data, people's privacy is very easily exposed to the Internet, which has led many Internet users to be very wary of their privacy security nowadays. AnyTo can fake your GPS location anywhere to avoid leaking or tracking your device location. Also, users can change their phone GPS location to avoid local marketing messages. You also choose iMyFone AnyTo to change your location when you don't want to be matched by people on local dating apps.

Part3. How to Use iMyFone AnyTo

The following will explain how to change the GPS location of iOS/Android devices using AnyTo in a few simple steps respectively.

3.1 AnyTo iOS user guide

Step 1 Install the iMyFone AnyTo

Download and run AnyTo from the iMyFone official website. Then click on " Get Started".

install imyfone anyto

Step 2 Connect your device to the computer

Use the USB cable to connect your device to the computer. At that time, click on "Trust" when your computer asks you if you trust the computer

connect your device to computer

Step 3 Waiting to load

You just need to wait for AnyTo to finish loading the map and then you can find where you are.

waiting to load

Now you can change your GPS location at will.

3.2 AnyTo Android user guide

Step 1 Install the iMyFone AnyTo

Download and run AnyTo from the official iMyFone website. Then click on " Get Started".

install imyfone anyto

Step 2 Choose your devices

When you connect your devices to the computer, a "choose your devices" pop-up will appear. Please select the device you want to connect.

choose your devices

Step 3 Open USB Debugging

Now we have to turn on USB debugging. Please make sure the USB connection mode of your phone is Media Transfer Protocol. (If you are using an LG phone, then it should be set to Picture Transfer Protocol)

open use debugging

Step 4 Turn on developer mode

Click "Build Number" (or "System versions") 7 times to open developer mode, then go to "Developer option", find and turn on "USB debugging". Confirm "Allow USB debugging" on your phone.

open use debugging allow usb debugging

After that, you will enter the mode selection screen and select the mode you want to use.

Part4. Hot FAQs about iMyFone AnyTo

1 Is it safe to change location using iMyFone AnyTo?

iMyFone AnyTo is one of the most reliable spoofing tools on iOS/Android devices. Its security is highly rated by users and you don't have to worry about losing any data.

2 Is iMyFone AnyTo reliable?

iMyFone AnyTo is free of viruses, malware, or any unexpected plugins. If you download the program from the official website, it is safe for you.

3 Does iMyFone AnyTo work on Pokemon Go?

It works seamlessly all day long for Pokemon Go. There are already many users who use AnyTo in AR games like PokemonGo. However, we recommend that you use it with caution because if you start moving around the globe at incredible speeds, you may get banned. Therefore, make sure you don't overdo it when using AnyTo to gain in the game.

4 What can I do if iMyFone AnyTo does not working?

If iMyFone AnyTo does not work, there may be a problem with the USB connection or the program may have crashed. We recommend that you restart the program or check the USB connection for problems. If this does not solve the problem, please contact the support center.

5 How many times can iMyFone AnyTo trial version be used?

As mentioned in the previous article, the free version only provides five ways to use teleport mode and one way to use two-point mode. To unlock more features, you can purchase different plans.


At the end of the article, we highly recommend iMyFone AnyTo among similar products that fake GPS locations. iMyFone AnyTo has a very simple and clear interface that we found when reviewing it, and it is very user-friendly for everyone who has not used it before. Also, there are not many fake GPS location products that can be adapted to Android, and iMyFone AnyTo does this perfectly. If you're interested, why don't you give it a try? There is a free version anyway.

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