How to Sell Amazon Gift Card

How to Sell Amazon Gift Card



There are various methods available for receiving your payment, including Instant PayPal payout, direct deposit, physical checks, or mail delivery.

Some online banks like Revolut offer the option to add funds to your account using gift cards, and this feature is also accessible in the USA.

It may come as a surprise to learn that over $1 billion worth of unused gift cards are wasted each year. This is because gift cards have become widely used, especially around holidays, as a common way to offer gifts to coworkers, acquaintances, and family members.

The typical American possesses $116 worth of gift cards that have not been spent.

The most famous types of gift cards include restaurants, department stores, Prepaid cards (Visa/Master Card/American Express/Discover Gift Card), internet stores like Amazon gift cards, coffee shops, and entertainment.

There are numerous methods to quickly sell an Amazon Gift Card online, and I will now outline some of the most effective ways to do so.

Here is a detailed guide on how to exchange your Amazon gift card for cash.

What is an Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon Gift Card is preloaded vouchers that offer immediate discounts and may be quickly turned into Amazon Pay balance to purchase over 10 crore products. Gift Cards do not have an expiration date and do not have any additional charges. Various gift card styles and amounts available for selection.

Can be used for many products across or certain associated websites. Ready for immediate delivery. Electronic gift cards can be arranged to be given via email up to one year ahead of time.

Is it possible to convert my Amazon gift card into cash?

Sure! You can change your Amazon gift card into cash by selling it on any gift card exchange platform you like. If you like to exchange your Amazon gift card for cash promptly, choose a price within the range of 2% to 15% of the initial value.

However, the speed at which the gift card will be sold depends on how popular it is.

To receive money from your gift card, you just need to mention the brand of your gift card, provide the card balance, share the card details, and decide on your selling price.

Sell Amazon Gift Card Online Quickly

Converting your unused Amazon gift card into cash is very achievable! Here are some well-liked choices:

Specialized Gift Card Platforms:

CardCash offers up to 92% of the value of your card with fast payouts through ACH, PayPal, or cheque. Simple to use and compatible with numerous brands.

Raise: Marketplace atmosphere, customers buy at a reduced price but you may receive a larger share.

GiftCash offers rewards of up to 93%, provides quick offers for certain companies, and gives the choice of receiving payouts in Bitcoin.

CardSell: Competitive deals, several payment choices available (PayPal, bank transfers, Venmo).

ClipKard has a straightforward interface and is designed for mobile sales. It provides immediate quotations and can process both real and digital cards.

Amazon-Specific Choices:

Amazon Gift Card Exchange: Official Amazon program where you can trade for other Amazon gift cards or credit to your account (not cash).

Offer products for sale on Amazon without using a third-party platform: Put your card up for sale on Amazon Marketplace, where consumers will pay you directly and you will be responsible for shipping the real card. Needs an Amazon seller account.

Additional Choices:

eBay has a wide audience and the potential for higher prices, but users may be worried about fees and frauds.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell items in your local area, which may result in getting better rates, but it involves meeting up with buyers in person.

Gift Card Kiosks: Offer immediate sale options at certain retail locations, typically with reduced payout rates.

Advice for Selling Your Amazon Gift Card:

Compare deals: Look at many marketplaces to find the most favorable offer.

Take into account charges and the amount of time it takes to process. Comprehend the amount you will receive and the time it will take to receive the funds.

Stick to trustworthy platforms: Seek reputable and highly-rated choices to reduce the chances of falling victim to scams.

Be clear: Give precise details about your card (value, category, state).

Establish a competitive price: Investigate the current prices for Amazon gift cards in the market.

Be careful of unexpected offers: Be cautious of emails or texts that offer to purchase your card at a higher price, as these may be frauds.


Verify if any Amazon gift cards have expired. Outdated cards can still be offered on specialized platforms, but usually for a reduced price.

Investigate Amazon gift card deals. Occasionally, there are promotions that provide extra value for exchanging or buying gift cards.

By following these suggestions and looking into the several choices available, you can successfully sell your Amazon gift card and receive cash in hand! Keep in mind, focus on safety and conduct your research before selecting a platform to guarantee a smooth and successful transaction.


In conclusion, selling an Amazon gift card can be a profitable and straightforward process if approached with caution and utilizing reputable platforms.

By choosing trusted gift card exchange websites or marketplaces with transparent policies and secure payment methods, sellers can convert their Amazon gift cards into cash or other desired forms of payment.

It’s essential to research and compare rates, fees, and user reviews to ensure a positive selling experience. 


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