Top 6 SD Card Recovery Softwares (Free&Paid)

Update: April 1, 2022 By Clara

Data loss can sometimes be a pain. At some point we all face file loss from SD cards, we then begin to pounder how to recover lost files. We start to think if it's actually possible to recover lost files or not. Is it possible to recover lost files? Yes, it is very possible with software you can do just that.

In this list, we compiled the Top 6 SD cards recovery software that can be used to recover lost files. So if you have mistakenly deleted a file before, you can get it back in no time with a little bit of patience.

The best part of this article is that some of them are free while the others are paid. We cover up the best of all the software listed below.

We know it's terribly awful yet we are here to cut your concern into two. The focal point of this article is to enlighten our clients on the best way to recover erased records from memory cards in a manner more straightforward way.

Can I recover the SD card for free?

Yes, you can it's possible some of the software we listed below can perform the action but bear it in mind some of the free version does not work perfectly. If you want the best switch to a paid version.

Can I recover my Corrupted SD card?

Yes, you can even if your SD card is corrupted it can still be recovered. There are a few steps you need to get that done. Without any further ado let's get into the Top 6SD Card Recovery Software.

IObit Undelete:

IObit Undelete is free software that can be used to recover deleted/lost files. IObit Undelete is available on Windows computers.

sd data recovery iobit undelete



IObit is a free tool with a great Stunning UI interface that consumes less time.

IObit pricing plan:

IObit is free to use, you only have to download IObit Undelete and start using it for free. This software does not have a paid version it's entirely free but it does have some cons.

Recoverit SD card Data recovery

This is yet another software that can be used to recover lost files. Recoverit offers a free trial as well as a paid version. Withdraw this software, you can get your lost data in a few minutes.

sd data recovery recoverit



Wondershare's Recoverit is a strong information answer for a wide range of SD cards. You begin with the speedy sweep mode when the product is introduced on your Mac or Windows gadget. This software is not commonly updated from time to time.

Recoverit pricing

1Professional windows $39.95 ( per year)

2Ultimate - windows. $59.95 (per year)

3Technician windows $299.95

4Professional - Mac platform. $89.95( per year)

5Ultimate Mac platform $99.95 (per year)

6Technician Mac platform $ 399.95


AnyRecover is so far the best of all the software listed. I know you may be wondering “how is it the best?” apart from having a free version the paid version is very affordable and it works very well. It is available on Windows and Mac. The AnyRecover can recover lost files in no time. AnyRecover offers FREE, paid, and lifetime options.

sd data recovery anyrecovery



Any recovery is probably the best of this list. The software offers a free and lifetime option and it's capable to recover from any file type. One of the reasons we love this software is that it can recover unlimited files and it works perfectly on Windows and Mac.

Any Recover pricing

Unlike the other data recovery software, AnyRecover offers a FREE option as well as a paid option. For more data recovery please go for the paid version.

The prices for the windows and Mac starts from $49.95 and $59.95 respectively. A lifetime software option is also available.

Wise Data Recovery:

wise data recovery tool can easily recover files. This works on Windows and Mac OS with advanced WinPE bootable media.

sd data recovery wise data recovery



wise data recovery has a sweep scan tool that helps to scan and recover any file in three steps, it automatically updates itself whenever there is an updated version of the software.


The Wise Data Recovery offers free and paid versions. For the free version, you can only recover files up to 2GB maximum, but unlimited files for the paid version.

There are 2 pricing available for this software. They are $59.96(this can be used on 1 PC), and there is $ 74.94(it can be used on 3 PCs). Both paid pricing is a yearly base price.


This is yet another great data recovery software. This is available on MAC and Linux.

sd data recovery r-studio



This tool helps to recover heavily damaged and unknown long-lost file that has been lost for a long period of time.


The R-studio offers a free trial as well as 2 paid plans. The paid plans include RStudio desktop pro(this costs $995/yearly), RStudio workbench $4975/yearly (5 named users).

Recover my files:

This is a recovery file for windows. It can restore all file types and sizes.

sd data recovery recover my file



Recover my files are only available on Windows it's not available on MAC however they have a great price for the software with a good interface.


Recover my files offers 2 pricing offers. There is a Standard license price which costs $69.95 and a professional license price which costs $99.95.


When it comes to the best SD card Recovery software, AnyRecover tops our list in many ways. The first reason is that they offer a FREE and Lifetime option, technical support, available on Windows and Mac, deep scan with one of the cheapest software. this is one thing no other software has done before. Each of the software is good in one way or the other with a good interface, Stunning Ui, good pricing, scans 100%, and works really fine but AnyRecover is the best.

One of the advantages of using AnyRecover is the ability to recognize and recover from any file type. Download the free trial and give it a try.


1. Which is the best SD card recovery software?

Any recovery is unarguable the best recovery software with a lifetime offer and free option. It can read any type of a SD card and 1000 more file types. It's 100% safe to download.

2. Can Recoverit recover a formatted SD card?

Yes! with Recoverit, you can get access to your formatted files. You can recover it once again. With the deep scan tool, you can get it done in just a few minutes.

3. Where can I download R-Studio?

Many people do wonder on how to download the software, You can download it from their website at