Top 7 File Recovery software for Windows & Mac That Works Perfectly

Update: April 1, 2022 By Clara

Whatever the circumstances, data loss is one of the most stressful and helpless situations to be in. Although there are multiple data backup options to store your data none is foolproof, especially with hardware or software failure. With the daily increase in cybercrime, cloud backup is not an ideal solution also. Hence, the need for file recovery software.

This software can help recover your data from almost all data backup options. Below is the list of the best file recovery software.


AnyRecover is arguably the best file recovery software available right now. With advanced AI-powered technology, this software can recover lost data without hassles in three simple steps.

file recovery anyrecover


It can be used to salvage data from a damaged drive, failing PC, recycle bin, formatted device, deleted files and many other scenarios.

This software supports over 1000 file types and as such, it can be used across all storage devices. From PC to internal hard drive, flash drive, digital cameras and other devices, you can be assured of reassessing your files without breaking a sweat.

This platform offers a unique algorithm that ensures fast scanning speed with file filtering. This means you can place focus on specific instructions to search for the lost data such as date, type, size or name. This improves search speed. Also, you can pause a search and resume at a more convenient time.

It protects users' data privacy since you can use it without the involvement of third parties and on a secured connection.

Overall, this software offers a high recovery rate. You can almost be guaranteed of getting your data back as this makes it rank highly among the best file recovery software. Besides, you can also preview your data before recovery to be sure.

  • High recovery rate
  • Supports over 1000 file types
  • Fast scanning with filtering search
  • User data privacy is secured
  • Compatible with all storage devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Pricing is steep and not uniform

file recovery anyrecover


You can get both free and paid versions of this software. The free version is available on both Mac and Windows and it allows access to recover only 100MB worth of data. If you need to get more, you opt for the paid version that guarantees unlimited recovery. Checkout the comparison of the pricing below:

Stellar Data Recovery

Stella Data recovery is one of the best file recovery software and it is an industry leader. Its ability to recover all files irrespective of the system's or drives' health status makes it unique.

file recovery stellar data recovery


This software offers various scanning options to ensure speedy and accurate data recovery. You can decide to run a deep or quick scan with advanced scanning capabilities to recover missing or lost data. While scanning, you can preview the files to confirm and verify the ones to be recovered.

Further, this software supports data recovery across all file types. Also, you can use it to access 4k drives as this is uncommon among data recovery software. 4k drive files in NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and EXFAT formats are all supported.

With advanced search capability, this free file recovery software for Mac allows you to save time by searching for the exact files you need.

Stellar data recovery prioritizes salvaging data from encrypted, damaged or corrupted discs while ensuring the folder structure and names are maintained.

Another germane feature of this software is it allows for email data recovery. It supports various email file types and can be used to recover them when lost or accidentally deleted.

  • Supports a wide range of storage devices
  • Recovers from 4k drives and dual monitor
  • Protects files original structure
  • Files can be previewed during scanning
  • Friendly user interface
  • Scanning is slow when compared to others
  • Price can be steep for professionals
  • No mobile support

file recovery stellar data recovery


Disk Drill Recovery

Disk Drill is arguably the best free file recovery software for Mac and data recovery is without hassles. It was previously exclusive to Mac but it’s available to windows now.

file recovery disk drill recovery


This software can be used to recover more than 400+ file types. It supports almost all types of files across all the storage options available. This compatibility is made possible with its advanced AI scanning algorithm that ensures all files are accessible.

Also, Disk Drill provides a one-click scanning recovery option. This ensures that you can get your files recovered without any stress.

It offers the option for home-user to go for the free version without any commitment. You can simply download and use it without paying or needing professional knowledge.

It is adaptive and can be used on the new apple silicon (M1). Not many software can do that.

Also, it supports both the T1 and T2 and it is adaptive to any Mac computer.

  • Supports T1 and T2 Mac computers and backs the new apple silicon (M1)
  • Offers free version
  • Recovers from 400+ file formats
  • Deep scan takes too long

file recovery disk drill recovery


This free file recovery software for Mac offers both free and paid versions. The free version allows up to 500MB of data while having access to all features. The paid version has a 2-for-1 deal that gives you a windows version if you buy the Mac version. The prices are structured thus:

WonderShare Recoverit

This software has one of the highest recovery rates in the industry and it is efficient. Also, it offers a free download without a subscription for windows.

file recovery wondershare recoverit


This software supports all media storage units and can be used to recover files on all of them. From computers to hard drives, memory cards, cameras to other storage media, you can easily recover your data with this software.

One of the strong features of this tool is that it has a wide range of file types being supported. You can use it to recover more than 1000 different file types and formats which span across emails, audios, documents and many more.

Recovering data with this software is easy as it can be done with 3 simple steps. Almost anyone can use this with no tech knowledge.

It also protects your data by prioritizing user privacy and security during use and after.

Be it a failing PC, crash, cyber theft or anything, this software is one of the best file recovery software to use.

  • Easy and free to use
  • Supports more than 1000 different file types
  • Advanced algorithm for a high recovery success rate
  • Data scanning is slow, especially for a deep scan

file recovery wondershare recoverit 1


There’s the free version and if you are a professional, there’s a paid version. The free version allows you access to all the features with maximum data recovery of 100MB. The subscription plans are below:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

If you want the best file recovery software that can resurrect the whole file, then EaseUS is just about that. It is probably the most popular file recovery software.

file recovery easeus data recovery wizard


This software is helping to recover your files efficiently without hassles. It can recover permanently deleted files, raw files and even NAS files can be recovered through this software.

Further, with its advanced presets for scans, it gives flexibility to your deep scan and ensures access to data as fast as possible. After each section scanning, you can preview the files and confirm them before recovery.

Also, with powerful AI technology, you can access and recover files from damaged systems with this software.

Probably the strongest argument for including this software on the list is because of its wide support range. It boasts of supporting more than 1000 file types.

  • Fast, easy and reliable data recovery software
  • Advanced features and modern algorithm
  • Supports more than 1000 file types
  • Differences in Windows and Mac versions
  • Scan time can be deceiving and long

file recovery easeus data recovery wizard


There are free trials for all the paid plans. The plans are listed below:

Wise Data Recovery

Wise data recovery is probably the best free file recovery software on this list and can data from all media drives.

file recovery wise data recovery


You can use this tool on any storage device or for any type of file recovery because it is adaptive and supports 1000 file formats across all storage media.

There is a mobile version for this software and as such, it is portable for use in case of emergency.

Places emphasis on user privacy by providing security for user data after use.

Whatever the case that warrants your data loss, Wise data recovery can guarantee you access to recover your lost data without the usual stress.

Due to its more advanced algorithm, data scanning is fast and can be targeted. Simply search for or filter the search to ensure an easier search for data.

  • Supports a mobile version
  • Fast, easy and reliable
  • Multi-language support
  • User privacy guaranteed
  • No indication of file quality after recovery

file recovery wise data recovery


The pricing is free and paid. The structure is outlined below:


This software made it to the list of the best file recovery software because of its reasonably priced subscription and the quality it offers.

file recovery recuva


Though not as expensive as others on this list, Recuva is worthy because it can retrieve files from damaged media drives and systems. And the free version offers as much in quality.

Though its features are considerably lower, it can be perfect for home use. It offers a deep scan to ensure all partitions are identified and recovered.

Recuva can also be used to completely erase a file forever. If you don’t want anyone having access to your file ever, you can delete it permanently with Recuva and it surely can never be retrieved.

Due to the pricing, almost everybody can use this without worries of paying too much.

  • The pricing is low
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Screen preview is possible during the scan
  • Very limited in features
  • Should be for minimal projects
  • delected WeChat message Is it possible to recover delected WeChat message?Is it possible to recover delected WeChat message?
  • delected WeChat message Is it possible to recover delected WeChat message?Is it possible to recover delected WeChat message?

file recovery recuva



What is the best software to recover deleted files?

The best file recovery software is dependent on your needs and your budget. But from this list, AnyRecover has the best features and offers the best scanning speed. It can also recover files completely. Hence, AnyRecover is the best software to recover the file.

Is it safe to use data recovery software?

Yes! Data recovery software is the safest approach to getting your data back. Apart from being the best, it also saves time and complicated efforts that are involved in the manual processes.

How do I use AnyRecover?

To use AnyRecover to recover data, follow these three simple steps: