Top 10 Free Apps for Amazon Kindle Fire

Top 10 Free Apps for Kindle Fire –  help you get started with your new Kindle Fire, you can get these apps from searchs them in AppStore. Enjoy it.

10. Angry Birds

The extremely popular “Angry Birds” game can be purchased for free in the Kindle Fire App Store. Users fling birds across the screen to try to strategically destroy structures and boundaries. This puzzle game is fun for people of all ages.

9. Movies by Flixter

“Movies” allows you to find show times for movies, watch trailers and purchase tickets directly from your Kindle Fire. Users can also search new and upcoming DVD selections.

8. Pandora

The online radio is a desktop staple for music lovers. You can enjoy music on your Kindle Fire as well with this free app. The only caveat is that you will need to be connected to WiFi in order for the music to stream. You can manage your own personal stations, rate songs, skip others and leave music playing in the background while you catch up on some reading.

7. The Coupons App

This Kindle Fire App gives users access to real-time coupons for their location. You can scan coupons so long as they pop up on the tablet’s screen meaning you can use coupons as soon as you find them while you’re in a store. You can also add coupons to your calendar or send them to friends and family to use them at a later date.

6. Friendcaster for Facebook

An official Facebok App has not yet been released, but Friendcaster offers features typically available only on the desktop version of Facebook. You can upload photos, video, access email notifications, friends’ birthdays, and see event invitations.

5. WiFi Analyzer

This useful app generates a list of all nearby WiFi signals and creates channel, time and signal graphs. The WiFi Analyzer also lets you change settings so you can use the strongest signal in your location.

4. Alarm Clock Xtreme Free

The Kindle Fire can be more than just a toy when you download the Alarm Clock XTreme. This App allows you to set an unlimited number of alarms. You can also change settings to specify the amount of time for each “snooze” as well as to set a maximum number of times you can hit that snooze button.

3. Amazon Price Check

This clever app from Amazon allows you to price check books and other items on your Kindle Fire. Over time, you can save significant amounts of money by double checking store prices compared to discounts offered in the Amazon Marketplace.

2. Wikidroid for Wikipedia

This free Wikipedia app means searching for information is quick, easy and always at your fingertips. The Wikidroid app pulls information from the Wikipedia site, but slightly reformats them, so the articles are easy to read on your Kindle Fire. The app also has an easy search menu, which makes finding any information you need accessible in a matter of seconds.

1. Hulu Plus and Netflix

Most importantly, the Kindle offers support for streaming from Netflix and Hulu Plus, which brings substantially more content to the tablet. Amazon Prime users will also have access to the enormous Prime library of movies and television shows. Kindle Fire users get one moth free of Amazon Prime services.

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