Kindle Fire 6.2 Update Breaks Root, But Not to Worry

Early today, Amazon issued orders for a sneak attack to the new Kindle Fire. That’s right, under cover of darkness an automatic update was pushed to the device, without your consent or knowledge. If you own the Kindle Fire, and had your wifi active and battery over 40%, check your software version. You should now be running version 6.2. The update also breaks root, if you’ve gone that route. But not to worry, you can be rooted again very quickly.

The update to version 6.2 vaguely offers “improvements to the operation of your Kindle Fire”. If you’re not sure what version you have, tap the quick settings icon, tap more, then tap device. Your system version should now read 6.2, if you had your fire turned on and wifi enabled. If you don’t see the update by tapping update your Kindle, and want to push the update manually, you can click this link from your PC (or Mac), to download the file. From there, connect your Fire to the computer via USB, and copy it into the “kindleupdates” folder on your device. Wait for it to copy, then unhook your Fire from the computer. Head back into the quick settings menu, more, device, and tap update your Kindle. That will get the ball rolling. When the update has finished, make sure you reboot the device.

This brings up the next topic of discussion. The new update breaks your root if you have it. Don’t panic, though. You can just reroot the device with SuperOneclick (provided you have already registered the device with ADB), and you’ll be good to go. There also seems to be mixed reports from users, in which some have lost the Android market, while others have not. Just be aware that it could happen, and you’ll need to reinstall that, as well. It should also be noted that if you have, or intend to, root your Kindle you will not be able to watch Amazon Instant Videos unless you unroot first.

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