How to watch iTunes videos on Nook Color – iTunes to Nook Color Converter

I think the Nook Color is the best e-book reader, also is a powerful Android Tablet, we can play games, watch movies on the Nook Color, and now the Nook Color on Sale today only $180, You can usually find the refurbished NC for $150, and today you can find the new Nook Color, with the original warranty, for $180. That’s $20 off the retail price. When we get the Nook Color at Christmas, do you want to watch iTunes movies on Nook Color, I found some people have problem when play iTunes videos on Nook Color, iTunes video is M4V files, and the Nook Color only can play MP4 videos, so if we want to watch iTunes movies, we must convert M4V to MP4, the videos form iTunes have DRM protection, we must remove the DRM protection.

iTunes to Nook Color Converter can help us easy to remove DRM protection and convert M4V to Nook Color support video format.

Here is a guide: How to convert iTunes movies to Nook Color video format.

Step 1: Click “Add Video” to load your DRM protected M4V videos to this iTunes M4V Video Converter

Step 2: Choose the best video format for Nook Color. Please choose MP4 format.

Step 3: Click “Settings…” button to change Zoom as “full screen”, resolution “1024*600″, encoder as “H.264″, Bit Rate as “1200kpbs” and Click “OK” to save the settings. With this settings you can watch iTunes movies on Nook Color in full screen with high quality.

Step 4: Click “Convert” to start revoming DRM protection from these digital Copy iTunes M4V video file. When the iTunes to Nook Color video conversion finished, you can transfer converted MP4 video to Nook Color for playing.

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