How to watch Divx AVI videos on iPad 3

The new iPad only support M4V, MP4 and MOV video format, AVI format is so popular but the new iPad can not play Divx/Xvid AVI videos, if we wont to play AVI videos on the new iPad, we need convert AVI to M4V, convert AVI to MP4, or convert AVI to MOV for the new  iPad.

How to convert and watch AVI videos on the new iPad

Step 1: Download iPad Converter Suite here, iPad Convert Suite is the best AVI to the new iPad Converter, it easy to convert AVI to MP4, MOV, and M4V, then we can easy to watch AVI videos on the new iPad. If you’re Mac user, you can try iPad Converter Suite for Mac.

Step 2: Open iPad Video Converter, click “Add File” to load AVI videos into the AVI to the new iPad Converter, click “Profile” to choose “iPad H.264 Video(*.mp4)” profile, you can also can click “settings” to change “Resolution” as “1280*720″ or “1920*1080″, of course, you can choose “iPad HD video” profile, then you can watch 720P movies on the new iPad, or watch 1080P movies on the new iPad.

Step 3: Click “Convert” button to start convert AVI to MP4 for the new iPad, when it finished, you can transfer converted AVI files to the new iPad for watching.

Top three video player for the new iPad
If you don’t like the new iPad video player, you can try these media player for the new iPad:
AVplayer HD: It is amazing especially with the recent upgrade, which is specifically for the faster the new iPad A5X processor.

Cinexplayer: This is a great app as well. I got this when it was free. But this App only plays Divx and Xvid files but does not support AC3 audio format. If your movie/TV show is ripped with AC3 audio format. you’ll just have a video with no voice. They do not support MKV files at present, if you want to watch MKV videos on the new iPad, you can read this: how to play MKV on iPad3

VLC player: This has a wider playing format. But it can not play HD movie.

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