How to sync music and movies onto iPad 3 via iTunes

The new iPad can play movies and music, but how to sync videos and songs form your Mac or PC to the new iPad? Here is a way to sync music and videos to the new iPad via iTunes.

The new iPad support media format: H.264 MP4, MOV, MP3 etc, that’s mean that not all videos and musics can play by the new iPad, you can free try iPad Video Converter Ultimate or iPad Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. The new iPad Video Converter support convert WMV, AVI, MKV etc to the new iPad, rip DVD to the new iPad, rip Blu-ray to the new iPad, and download YouTube videos to the new iPad.

When you have the new iPad support videos, you can sync movies to the new iPad by iTunes.

Download the latest version of iTunes here: Free Download iTunes

Tips 1:
In order to be able to sync video to the iPad, make sure the box next to “Sync Movies” at the top of the screen is checked. If it’s not, you won’t be able to sync movies at all.
If it’s checked, but the check box below it is not, you can select individual movies from your library. Check the box next to the name of the movie you want to sync (unchecked movies will not be added to your iPad).
If you check the “Automatically add” checkbox under the “Sync Movies” box, you can choose to automatically add all movies in your library to your iPad each time you sync.
For more fine-grained control over what movies get synced, choose options from that menu like most recently added or unwatched moves.

Open iTunes and find your the new iPad under DEVICES category. Then go to Movies tab on top, and check the Sync option to transfer your music and video to the new iPad with iTunes. Now you can watch your favorite movie/videos on your the new iPad anytime and anywhere.

Tip 2: 
How to Use Wi-Fi Sync files to the new iPad

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