How to rip Blu-ray movies to Kindle Fire format ?


Amazon Kindle Fire is a 7.0 inch Android tablet, eat Amazon’s impressive collection of digital music, video, magazine, and book services in one easy-to-use package. It boasts a great portable Web browser, Kindle Fire has an ultra-affordable price tag, and the screen quality is exceptional. Did you want to play Blu-ray DVD movies on kindle Fire? and what is the best Blu-ray ripper for Kindle Fire?

But, Amazon Kindle Fire can’t play Blu-rays, DVD movies directly, you need to convert Blu-ray and DVD to Kindle Fire format first, then transfer the ripped movies to Kindle Fire via USB on you computer.

Blu-ray ripping software for Kindle Fire: Blu-ray Ripper (Windows version, Mac version)

Step by step guide to rip Blu-ray, DVD to Kindle Fire format

Step 1, Download and install this Blu-ray ripper tools, run it

Step 2, Load your Blu-ray disc files to this Blu-ray ripper by click “Load Blu-ray”, “Load DVD” means loading DVD files, this Blu-ray ripper can rip Blu-ray disc and DVDs easily.

Step 3, Select the best video profile “Androdi MP4 Video(*.mp4)” as a output for ripping Bluray to Kindle Fire format.

Important - Then, follow this settings to get high quality video and full screen playback

Step 4, When that’s done, Click “Convert” button to start to ripping Blu-ray, when conversion is done, just click “Open folder” to find the ripped movies file, then you can transfer videos files to Kindle Fire via USB


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