How to convert MTS/M2TS videos to iPhone 4S

The MTS/M2TS format is a video file format created specifically for high-definition (HD) digital camcorders. The format was developed in camcorders or other devices. Support for the format has grown and is now supported by many video camcorder makers. The format itself is based on the popular MPEG4 video codec and supports both HD video modes.

MTS/M2TS video is not supported by iPhone 4S, so you can’t play MTS/M2TS on iPhone 4S directly, because iPhone 4S just supports H.264/MPEG-4 .m4v, .mp4, and .mov formats. You need a MTS/M2TS to iphone 4S video converter. Below are some tips for you to watch MTS/M2TS videos on iPhone 4S better.

Step by step guide to Convert MTS/M2TS videos to iPhone 4S format

1. Download iPhone 4S Movie Converter.
It’s an excellent software which can convert MTS/M2TS for iPhone 4S and common video formats to iPhone 4S.

2. Install and launch the software.
Load MTS/M2TS movies to the software. The MTS/M2TS to iPhone 4S converter supports loading MTS/M2TS and nearly all kinds of formats.

3. Select the best video format for iPhone 4S
Click profile column to choose Apple iPhone>iPhone 4S H.264 Video (*.mp4). This format is perfectly supported by iPhone 4S iOS 5.

4. You can click settings to change the parameters, such as resolution and video bitrate. You can adjust the resolution to 960*640 and watch full screen movies on iPhone 4S.

5. Click convert to start. After conversion you need to transfer the MP4 movies to iPhone 4S via iTunes.

Now you may have known how to play MTS/M2TS on iPhone 4S, just put MTS/M2TS videos to iPhone 4S and enjoy it.

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