Convert your purchased protected iTunes musics to MP3

As we know, most of the files purchased from iTunes Store are DRM protected. Such as iTunes music: M4B, M4A, M4P. We can play iTunes music only on specific devices and computers. You cannot use the DRM protected files on any random computer or portable media player. To avoid this problem, we need to convert M4B, M4A, M4P to MP3 common digital audio.

How to convert iTunes music to MP3

Step 1: Download iTunes Music Converter here, install and run it.

Step 2: Click “Add Video” to upload iTunes Music into the MP3 Converter.

Step 3: Click “Audio files to” choose “Common Audio – MP3″ profile. And click “Convert” button to star convert iTunes music to MP3, when the iTunes music to MP3 converter finished, you can transfer mp3 files to any media player for playing.

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